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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Enforcement Report - Week of July 25, 2012

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Product Detail

Product Description Red Blood Cells Leukocytes Reduced
Recall Number B-1322-12
Classification Class II
Code Info 003GH67904, 003FJ04113, 003FJ04265, 003KH33397, 003FJ03235, 003FJ04085, 003KH33583, 003GL87000, 003GM69301, 003GV27962, 003FJ02957, 003FJ03129, 003FJ03157, 003FJ03199, 003FJ03222, 003FJ04097, 003GH68242, 003GN58036, 003GN58173, 003GN58175, 003GN58177, 003GP87157, 003GP87162, 003GP87175, 003GT82633, 003GV27605, 003GV27607, 003GZ91021, 003GZ91027, 003KH33583, 003FM30656, 003FQ65447, 003GS74148, 003GX38999, 003FF87253, 003FF87278, 003FG60887, 003FJ02692, 003FJ02741, 003FJ02952, 003FJ03993, 003FJ04275, 003FQ66396, 003FQ66471, 003GH68260, 003GN58032, 003GT82887, 003GV27964, 003KH33308, 003LH10839, 003LH11700, 003FH33389, 003GS74160, 003FQ66528, 003KH32903, 003FJ04092, 003FJ04152, 003LC36433, 003GL86607, 003GL86613, 003GV27590, 003GX39005, 003FJ03218, 003FJ03257, 003FF87265, 003FF87274, 993FF87276, 003FJ02591, 003FJ02671, 003FJ02884, 003FJ03777, 003GF35168, 003GF35562, 003GJ68257, 003GL85903, 003GL85903, 003GL85906, 003GL86619, 003GL87413, 003GM69306, 003GS73536, 003KH33520, 003LH10763, 003GJ82678, 003GJ82687, 003GL86735, 003GN58278, 003GT82615, 003GZ91895, 003KH33397, 003GN57898, 003GP86382, 003GP86503, 003GX38995, 003LH11683, 003FF87219, 003FJ02910, 003FQ65474, 003FQ65489, 003FQ65506, 003FQ66569, 003GL86938, 003GL87003, 003GL87012, 003GN57694, 003GN57920, 003GN58169, 003GP87418, 003GT82623, 003GT82625, 003GT83846, 003GX39004, 003GZ91887, 003KH32893, 003GH67896, 003GZ89222, 003FJ04449, 003GL85910, 003GL85913, 003FJ02627, 003FJ04279, 003FJ04294, 003FQ66636, 003GL86623, 003GN58034, 003GN58084, 003GT82882, 003GT82890, 003LC37086, 003FF87217, 003FM30663, 003GL85915, 003GL85919, 003GP86391, 003GT83759, 003GL87434, 003GF35563, 003GT83755, 003FF87258, 003FH33377, 003FJ02794, 003FJ03781, 003FQ65453, 003FQ65459, 003FQ65501, 003FQ65520, 003FQ65524, 003GF34927, 003GF34932, 003GJF34939, 003GF34965, 003GF35148, 003GF35163, 003GF35178, 003GF35433, 003GH67902, 003GJ68264, 003GJ82237, 003GJ82240, 003GL85932, 003GL86589, 003GL86597, 003GL86987, 003GL86991, 003GL87006, 003GN58526, 003GN58528, 003GP86489, 003GS73557, 003GS74001, 003GS74012, 003GS74149, 003GT83110, 003GV27931, 003GZ90480, 003GZ91030, 003GZ91903, 003GZ91910, 003KH33306, 003LC37073, 003LC37083, 003LH10740, 003LH10771, 003GN58042, 003GF35450, 003FJ02495, 003FJ02505, 003GH68245, 003LC37058, 003FJ02509, 003FJ03119, 003FQ66623, 003GN58039, 003GS73555, 003GS73996, 003GT82617, 003GV27544, 003GN58055, 003GF35545, 003GF35570, 003GF35572, 003GP86600, 00GF35550, 003FJ03999, 003FH33380, 003FJ02648, 003FJ03118, 003FJ03163, 003FJ03765, 003FJ03787, 003FJ03803, 003FJ03874, 003FJ04006, 003FJ04030, 00FFJ04246, 003FJ04457, 003FJ04781, 003FQ65514, 003GF34943, 003GL87419, 003GP86519, 003GP87171, 003GS73540, 003GT83114, 003GX39011, 003GX39014, 003GZ90458, 003GZ90478, 003KH33356, 003FJ03871, 004FJ03892, 003FJ04298, 003FJ04834, 003FQ66607, 003GF34933, 003GF35495, 003GH67898, 003GH67924, 003GN57934, 003GP88681, 003GT82625, 003GZ91905, 003FQ66428, 003FQ66432, 003GL87011, 003KH33536, 003FJ02726, 003FJ04460, 003FJ04761, 003FJ04798, 003FJ04827, 003FQ66640, 003GV27604, 003LC36429, 003LH10655, 003FJ04131, 003GF34412, 003GH68247, 003GH68262, 003GP86631, 003GZ89244, 003GP87168, 003GS73543, 003GT82902, 003GT83745, 003GZ90536, 003GP86522, 003GX39007, 003FJ02682, 003FJ02747, 003FJ02949, 003GL87428, 003FG60841, 003FG60860, 003FJ02526, 003FJ03774, 003FM30639, 003FM30647, 003FM30670, 003FQ66336, 003FQ66502, 003GN58155, 003GN57681, 003GN57687, 003GN58167, 003GN58171, 003GN58273, 003GP86376, 003GR83850, 003GS74177, 003GZ91915, 003KH33562, 003LC36139, 003LC37064, 003FQ66520, 003GH67905, 003GP87168, 003GR83849, 003GS73991, 003GH67909, 003GJ82690, 003GL86995, 003GN57692, 003GP87168, 003GT82634, 003GV27921, 003GV27936, 003KH33292, 003KH33297, 003LC37085, 003GN57915, 003FJ04267, 003LC36197, 003LC37078, 003FJ02730, 003FJ02906, 003GL86600, 003FQ65528, 003FH33383, 003FQ66515, 003GF35158, 003GF35174, 003GL85924, 003GL86740, 003GN57758, 003GN58057, 003GS73997, 003GZ90992, 003GZ91910, 003GF35457, 003GP86509, 003FJ04100, 003FQ66523, 003GL86994, 003GS74158, 003FJ03997, 003GS74178, 003GZ90497, 003FJ04252, 003GF34954, 003GJ82676, 003GL86599, 003KH33541, 003FF87271, 003FH33380, 003FJ02602, 003GF35555, 003GL85921, 003GN58267, 003KH32903, 003KH34360, 003FG60862, 003FJ02488, 003GH68251, 003GL86595, 003GP87175, 003LC36187, 003FJ04789, 003GH67914, 003FJ04107, 003FJ04276, 003FJ04285, 003GM69303, 003GM69311, 003GN57900, 003GN57927, 003GN57930, 003GN58525, 003GT83759, 003GZ89224, 003GZ90468, 003GZ90998, 003GZ91043, 003KH33410, 003LC36142, 003LH10821, 003LH10825, 003FJ03054, 003FJ03059, 003FJ04147, 003GL86620, 003GL86737, 003GL86738, 003GX39008, 003GS74144, 003GT82610, 003GN58178, 003FG60847, 003FG60872, 003FG60894, 003FJ02492, 003FJ02511, 003FJ02705, 003FJ02705, 003FJ02773, 003FJ02853, 003FJ03053, 003GL82688, 003GL87432, 003GN57766, , 003GN57902, 003GN57918, 003GN58065, 003GN58258, 003GP86481, 003GS74163, 003GV27945, 003GV27949, 003GX38997, 003GZ89249, 003GZ89257, 003KH34310, 003LC36212, 003LC36213, 003GN58268, 003FJ04455, 003FQ65465, 003FQ65487, 003GF34966, 003GH67914, 993GJ82691, 003GL85926, 003GM69313, 003GM69316, 003GN57928, 003GP87150, 003GP87413, 003GP88674, 003GT82612, 003GT82895, 003GZ91887, 003GZ91919, 003KH33411, 003LH10838, 003KH33306, 003GN58263, 003GP86501, 003GP86612, 003GL86988, 003GM69307, 003GN58044, 003GN58070, 003GZ91885, 003GZ91898, 003FF87260, 003FJ02956, 003GN58514, 003FJ04271, 003GT82604, 003KH32898, 003GN58516, 003GT83760, 003FJ04249, 003KH33325, 003LH11719, 003FJ03112, 003FJ04116, 003FQ66487, 003GF35156, 003GN57685, 003GN58512, 003GT83759, 003GT83848, 003GX39009, 003FJ02589, 003GJ68262, 003GL87426, 003GP87421, 003GF35487, 003GF35512, 003GP86544, 003GR83852, 003GS74006, 003LC36432, 003GL86591, 003KH33352, 003FJ02518, 003FJ02596, 003FJ03203, 003FJ04291, 003FJ04462, 003FJ02671, 003FJ02691, 003FJ03879, 003GL86612, 003GN58032, 003GN58164, 003GS74154, 003GS74156, 003FJ02672, 003FJ04107, 003FJ04291, 003FQ66489, 003FQ66509, 003GF35524, 003GP86388, 003GS74165, 003GV27943, 003GZ89268, 003GZ90561, 003GZ91017, 003KH33390, 003KH33405, 003KH33522, 003LC36206, 003LH11668, 003FH33378, 003KH33401, 003KH33412, 003FH33376, 003GF35574, 003GJ82655, 003GL86620, 003GL86738, 003GL86987, 003GN58049, 003GN58058, 003GT82891, 003FJ02488, 003GN58069, 003KH33522, 003FJ02806, 003GL87416, 003GN57689, 003FJ04156, 003FQ66532, 003GF34962, 003GV27638, 003GL86624, 003GL86626, 003GT82886, 003GT83752, 003GP86569, 003GT83747, 003GT83852, 003GZ91882, 003GZ91916, 003KH33301, 003GP86387, 003FJ04849, 003GN57909, 003FQ65496, 003GF34847, 003FJ02823, 003FJ02882, 003GN58039, 003GN58048, 003GP88680, 003LC36190, 003FF87273, 003FM30638, 003FM30645, 003FM30651, 003GN58080, 003GN58081, 003KH33571, 003LH10748, 003FQ66367, 003GN58275, 003GS74169, 003GV27591, 003GZ91907, 003KH34260, 003GF35765, 003FG60854, 003GZ89241, 003GL87425, 003GN57762, 003GN57896, 003GN57904, 003KH33392, 003FJ03251, 003GH67893, 003GP86548, 003LH11733, 003FQ66352, 003GF34423, 003GF34429, 003GL87421, 003GS73537, 003GS73549, 003GZ90517, 003FH33395, 003GL86602, 003GM69331, 003GM69333, 003GN58156, 003GP86624, 003FJ03784, 003GZ90585, 003FJ04248, 003FJ04255, 003GF34957, 003FJ03889, 003KH33407, 003FQ66575, 003GF35560, 003GF35581, 003GT82629, 003GZ91021, 003GZ91027, 003FH33397, 003FM30630, 003FJ03150, 003GN58083, 003FJ03232, 003GM69334, 003GM69336, 003GT82606, 003GF35170, 003GN58062, 003LC36202, 003FM30619, 003FQ66462, 003GL86742, 003GP86562, 003GN58274, 003GV27635, 003GV27933, 003KH33551, 003LC36145, 003LC37087, 003GN58519, 003GF35151, 003GH68266, 003GN57767, 003FJ02838, 003FJ04741, 003FJ04812, 003GN57768, 003GP86591, 003GV27929, 003GZ89265, 003GS74175, 003GZ89265, 003GT82903, 003FG60906, 003FJ04747, 003GX39003, 003FF87272, 003FJ02521, 003GP87163, 003GN57908, 003GN57912, 003GN57916, 003GP86501, 003GP86506, 003GP86612, 003GZ90517
Product Distributed Qty 649 units
Reason For Recall Blood products, collected from donors, whose suitability to donate was not adequately determined, were distributed.

Event Detail

Event Id 38753
Product Type Biologics
Status Terminated
Recalling Firm The American National Red Cross - Southern Region
City Douglasville
State GA
Country US
Voluntary / Mandated Voluntary: Firm Initiated
Recall Initiation Date 2007-03-13
Initial Firm Notification of Consignee or Public Two or more of the following: Email, Fax, Letter, Press Release, Telephone, Visit
Distribution Pattern AL, CA, CT, FL, GA, MS, NC, PA, SC & TX