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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Enforcement Report - Week of November 13, 2013

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Product Detail

Product Description Adjustable Gastric Band, packaged alone in transparent PETG inner and outer blisters with Tyvek lids, or in various kit configurations with one band per kit. Product Usage: Intended for use in surgical treatment of morbid obesity
Recall Number Z-0149-2014
Classification Class II
Code Info The following product code and lot numbers were affected by this recall: Product Codes: RLZB22 Lot Numbers: ZJKBK6, ZJLBBR, ZJLBBT, ZJLBBV, ZJMBB5, ZJMBCG, ZJMBCH, ZJMBCJ, ZJMBCK, ZJMBCL, ZJMBJC, ZJMBJD, ZJMBJF, ZJPBD1, ZJPBD2, ZJPBFT, ZJPBFV, ZKBBCC, ZKBBCD, ZKBBCF, ZKBBCG, ZKBBGC, ZKBBGD, ZKBBGJ, ZKBBJN, ZKBBNV, ZKBBNW, ZKBBNY, ZKCBBK, ZKCBDD, ZKCBJJ, ZKMBK4, ZKMBKP, ZKNBBB, ZKNBCL, ZLBBCH, ZLBBFJ, ZLBBFL, ZLCBCB, ZLCBD8, ZLDBCZ, ZLDBDM, ZLDBDV, ZLFBF7, ZLFBFB, ZLLBCR, ZLLBFT, ZLMBCH, ZLMBWD, ZLNBBF, ZLNBGZ, ZMCBDH, ZMDBCH, ZMFBC4, ZMGBBF, ZMGBC1, ZMHBBW, ZMJBHV, ZMKBBH, ZMLBCJ, ZMNBCK, ZNBBD2, ZNFBCC, ZNHBCM, and ZNLBB4. Product Codes: RLZB22D1 Lot Numbers: G4TA93, G4TC3R, G4TD5R, G4TF1X, G4TG22, G4TK21, G4TL1D, G4TM3L, G4TM84, G4TP0W, G4TT4D, G4TU2V, G4TV3T, G4TW6D, G4U17U, G4U75W, G4U795, G4UD6T, G4UF6Y, G4UG4E, G4UH49, G4UH4K, H43A3N, H43C8P, H43E9V, H43J2P, H43N12, H43N42, H43P5U, H43P9C, H43T3F, H43U78, H43V8J, H43X4K, H43Z8Y, H4453N, H44623, H4478W, H44965, H44C9G, H44D8W, H44K3G, H44K9M, H44N0X, H44R1Y, H44R4U, H44T9D, H44V39, H44W6H, H44Y24, H44Z0Y, J4A04D, J4A11V, J4A274, J4A668, J4A81X, J4A96M, J4AC6L, J4AE3P, J4AH2Z, J4AK89, J4AN34, J4AU9R, J4AW1Y, J4C35K, J4C76E, J4CE9V, K4C518, K4CE4L, K4CT8W, K4D17T, and K4D45Y. Product Codes: RLZB22DG1 Lot Numbers: G4TH90, G4TJ61, G4TP6J, G4TR76, G4TV48, G4TX1V, G4U184, G4U734, G4UD77, G4UF9V, G4UH6P, H43A3P, H43C8R, H43G7Y, H43T3K, H43U7E, H43X1G, H43Z5Y, H44645, H44H9M, H44K2T, H44L44, H44V3A, H44W6G, H44Y25, H44Z0X, H44Z3N, J4A48K, J4AA11, J4AL00, J4AR9K, and K4CE6X . Product Codes: RLZB22DGT Lot Numbers: G4U323, J4AY55, and K4C663. Product Codes: RLZB22DT Lot Numbers: G4UD92, H44D1Y, J4AY72, and K4C666. Product Codes: RLZB22T Lot Numbers: G4RE82
Product Distributed Qty Product codes: RLZB22 - 2,352 units; RLZB22D1 - 968 units; RLZB22DG1 - 327 units; RLZB22DGT - 20 units; RLZB22DT - 48 units; RLZB22T - 0 units
Reason For Recall During aging studies, the firm determined that the gastric belts were unable to pass the test requirements established for Force to Lock.

Event Detail

Event Id 66465
Product Type Devices
Status Ongoing
Recalling Firm Ethicon Endo-Surgery Inc
City Cincinnati
State OH
Country US
Voluntary / Mandated Voluntary: Firm Initiated
Recall Initiation Date 2013-09-30
Initial Firm Notification of Consignee or Public Letter
Distribution Pattern Worldwide Distribution in the states of: Alabama, Connecticut, Indiana, Michigan, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alaska, Delaware, Kansas, Minnesota, Ohio, Tennessee, Arizona, Florida, Kentucky, Mississipp,i Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana, Nebraska, Oregon, Virginia, California, Idaho, Maryland, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Washington, Colorado, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and West Virginia. and the countries of: Argentina, France, Malaysia, Spain, Australia, Georgia, Martinique, Sweden, Belgium, Germany, Mexico, Switzerland, Brazil, Greece, Netherland, Taiwan, Chile, Hungary, Panama, Tunisia, China, India, Philippines, United Arab Emirates, Czech Republic, Israel, Poland, United Kingdom, Egypt, Italy, Portugal, Venezuela, Estonia, Kenya, Russia, Finland, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia.