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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Enforcement Report - Week of November 14, 2012

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Product Detail

Product Description The touchscreen display (model 94267) designed for use with the XPREZZON bedside monitor (model 91393) is width-452 mm (17.2 inches) and height- 368 mm (14.5 inches). The depth without the pedestal --- 67.7 mm (2.67 inches). The display is an integrated LCD 19-Inch. The Spacelabs Healthcare Xprezzon Bedside Monitor passively displays data generated by Spacelabs parameter modules.
Recall Number Z-0196-2013
Classification Class II
Code Info Serial Number for U.S. Cosignees: PRO-12240004, PRO-12240015, PRO-12240017, PRO-12240018, PRO-12240022, PRO-12240026, PRO-12240028, PRO-12240030, PRO-12240031, PRO-12240032, PRO-12240033, PRO-12240034, PRO-12240036, PRO-12240037, PRO-12240038, PRO-12240040, PRO-12240041, PRO-12240058, PRO-12240059, PRO-12240062, PRO-12240063, PRO-12240077, PRO-12240084, PRO-12240090, pro-12260008, PRO-12260016, pro-12260018, PRO-12260023, pro-12260024, PRO-12260032, pro-12260033, pro-12260035, PRO-12260036, PRO-12260037, pro-12260038, pro-12260041, pro-12260044, pro-12260055, pro-12260059, PRO-12260060, PRO-12260062, pro-12260064, pro-12260065, pro-12260068, pro-12260070, pro-12260071, pro-12260073, PRO-12260076, PRO-12260077, PRO-12260080, PRO-12260081, PRO-12260082, PRO-12260083, PRO-12260085, PRO-12260086, PRO-12260087, PRO-12260088, PRO-12260092, PRO-12260094, PRO-12260096, PRO-12260097, pro-12260121, pro-12260125, pro-12260131, pro-12260164, pro-12260167, pro-12260172, PRO-12260175, PRO-12260183, pro-12260185, pro-12280036, pro-12280049, pro-12280062, pro-12280119, pro-12280121, pro-12280126, pro-12280127, pro-12280131, pro-12280133, pro-12280134, pro-12280136, pro-12280137, pro-12280152, pro-12280155, pro-12280156, pro-12280160, pro-12280161, pro-12280162, pro-12280163, pro-12280173, pro-12280174, pro-12280175, pro-12280177, pro-12280182, pro-12280205, pro-12280232, pro-12280272, pro-12280273. Serial number for International Consignees: PRO-12240056, PRO-12260005, pro-12260006, PRO-12260012, PRO-12260013, pro-12260019, PRO-12260020, PRO-12260021, pro-12260022, pro-12260025, pro-12260026, pro-12260027, pro-12260028, PRO-12260029, PRO-12260030, pro-12260031, PRO-12260040, PRO-12260043, PRO-12260045, PRO-12260046, pro-12260047, PRO-12260051, PRO-12260053, PRO-12260057, PRO-12260075, pro-12260079, PRO-12260111, PRO-12260118, PRO-12260122, pro-12260124, pro-12260128, pro-12260140, pro-12260143, PRO-12260146, PRO-12260147, PRO-12260149, PRO-12260151, PRO-12260152, PRO-12260153, PRO-12260155, PRO-12260156, PRO-12260157, pro-12260158, PRO-12260159, PRO-12260160, PRO-12260161, PRO-12260162, PRO-12260163, PRO-12260169, PRO-12260170, pro-12260171, pro-12260174, PRO-12260176, PRO-12260178, pro-12260179, pro-12260180, pro-12260182, pro-12260189, pro-12260190, pro-12260191, PRO-12260192, pro-12260193, pro-12260195, pro-12260199, pro-12280006, pro-12280023, pro-12280132, pro-12280135, pro-12280141, pro-12280206, pro-12280225.
Product Distributed Qty 169 units distributed (98 in US and 71 Internationally)
Reason For Recall Potential failure of Spacelabs Healthcare Touchscreen Display, Model 94267 where the alarm lights failed to illuminate upon installation.

Event Detail

Event Id 63506
Product Type Devices
Status Ongoing
Recalling Firm Spacelabs Healthcare, Llc
City Issaquah
State WA
Country US
Voluntary / Mandated Voluntary: Firm Initiated
Recall Initiation Date 2012-10-05
Initial Firm Notification of Consignee or Public Letter
Distribution Pattern Worldwide Distribution--US (nationwide) including states of Alaska, California, Florida, Illinois, Michigan, South Carolina, and Texas., and the countries of Canada, Chile, France, Libya, Panama, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland and United Kingdom