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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Enforcement Report - Week of November 14, 2012

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Product Detail

Product Description 0.4/0.7JG326D-265AX/AT Product Usage: The device is a mobile X-ray system in order to take general radiography of patients in the hospital who cannot move and/or of outpatients in emergency.
Recall Number Z-0265-2013
Classification Class II
Code Info S/N of X-ray tube: 2XY0084725 2XY0084724 2XY0084723 2XY0099698 2XY0084726 2XY0084736 2XY0084739 2XY0084869 2XY0084729 2XY0084868 2XY0085162 2XY0085175 2XY0086383 2XY0086395 2XY0086726 2XY0086725 2XY0086724 2XY0087086 2XY0087088 2XY0087090 2XY0087421 2XY0087423 2XY0087427 2XY0087765 2XY0090747 2XY0091075 2XY0093894 2XY0096298 2XY0096820 2XY0096821 2XY0096832 2XY0096292 2XY0098245 2XY0098240 2XY0001064 2XY0001195 2XY0001088 2XY0001208 2XY0001077 2XY0001086 2XY0001198 2XY0001321 2XY0001204 2XY0001336 2XY0001337 2XY0001352 2XY0001388 2XY0001315 2XY0001370 2XY0001380 2XY0001464 2XY0001482 2XY0001484 2XY0001485 2XY0002730 2XY0003042 2XY0003037 2XY0003759 CM74B3016024 CM74B3017067 CM74B301201A CM74B3012018 CM74B3012017 CM74B301201C CM74B3012020 CM74B3012034 CM74B3012032 CM74B3013002 CM74B3016073 CM74B3016109 CM74B3015010
Product Distributed Qty 3 units
Reason For Recall Shimadzu is recalling Diagnostic X-ray Beam-Limiting Device, Mobile x-ray system and Diagnostic x-ray tube assembly because they do not comply with the Product Performance Standards, 21CFR 1020.30 (m) Beam quality --(1) Half-value layer (HVL), which was revised in 2006. Certain devices might not comply with the requirements for them in some x-ray generating condition after the revision in 2006.

Event Detail

Event Id 62271
Product Type Devices
Status Ongoing
Recalling Firm Shimadzu Medical Systems
City Torrance
State CA
Country US
Voluntary / Mandated Voluntary: Firm Initiated
Recall Initiation Date 2011-10-28
Initial Firm Notification of Consignee or Public Letter
Distribution Pattern US Nationwide Distribution