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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Enforcement Report - Week of April 17, 2013

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Product Detail

Product Description Giraffe OmniBedĀ® and Giraffe Incubator p/n 6600-0723-700 (rev A and B) labeled in part: ***GE Healthcare 8880 Gorman Road Laurel, MD 20723 U.S.A. www.gehealthcare.com***. GE Healthcare Giraffe Omnibed is a combination of an infant incubator and an infant warmer.
Recall Number Z-1051-2013
Classification Class I
Code Info HDGR52546, HDGR52736, HDGR52802, HDGR52861, HDGR52910, HDGR52958, HDGR53007, HDGR53058, HDGR53110, HDGR53185, HDGR52547, HDGR52737, HDGR52803, HDGR52862, HDGR52911, HDGR52959, HDGR53008, HDGR53059, HDGR53112, HDGR53186, HDGR52558, HDGR52739, HDGR52804, HDGR52863, HDGR52912, HDGR52960, HDGR53009, HDGR53060, HDGR53113, HDGR53187, HDGR52609, HDGR52740, HDGR52805, HDGR52864, HDGR52913, HDGR52961, HDGR53010, HDGR53061, HDGR53114, HDGR53188, HDGR52610, HDGR52741, HDGR52806, HDGR52865, HDGR52914, HDGR52962, HDGR53011, HDGR53062, HDGR53115, HDGR53189, HDGR52613, HDGR52742, HDGR52813, HDGR52866, HDGR52915, HDGR52963, HDGR53012, HDGR53063, HDGR53116, HDGR53190, HDGR52620, HDGR52743, HDGR52814, HDGR52867, HDGR52916, HDGR52964, HDGR53013, HDGR53064, HDGR53117, HDGR53191, HDGR52621, HDGR52744, HDGR52815, HDGR52868, HDGR52917, HDGR52965, HDGR53014, HDGR53065, HDGR53119, HDGR53192, HDGR52622, HDGR52745, HDGR52816, HDGR52869, HDGR52918, HDGR52966, HDGR53015, HDGR53066, HDGR53120, HDGR53193, HDGR52623, HDGR52746, HDGR52817, HDGR52870, HDGR52919, HDGR52967, HDGR53016, HDGR53067, HDGR53125, HDGR53194, HDGR52624, HDGR52747, HDGR52818, HDGR52871, HDGR52920, HDGR52968, HDGR53018, HDGR53068, HDGR53126, HDGR53195, HDGR52626, HDGR52748, HDGR52820, HDGR52872, HDGR52921, HDGR52969, HDGR53019, HDGR53069, HDGR53127, HDGR53196, HDGR52657, HDGR52749, HDGR52821, HDGR52873, HDGR52922, HDGR52970, HDGR53021, HDGR53070, HDGR53128, HDGR53197, HDGR52658, HDGR52750, HDGR52822, HDGR52874, HDGR52923, HDGR52971, HDGR53022, HDGR53071, HDGR53129, HDGR53213, HDGR52664, HDGR52751, HDGR52823, HDGR52875, HDGR52924, HDGR52972, HDGR53023, HDGR53072, HDGR53134, HDGR53214, HDGR52665, HDGR52752, HDGR52824, HDGR52876, HDGR52925, HDGR52973, HDGR53024, HDGR53073, HDGR53135, HDGR53215, HDGR52668, HDGR52753, HDGR52825, HDGR52877, HDGR52926, HDGR52974, HDGR53025, HDGR53074, HDGR53136, HDHR53216, HDGR52669, HDGR52754, HDGR52827, HDGR52878, HDGR52927, HDGR52975, HDGR53026, HDGR53075, HDGR53137, HDGR53217, HDGR52670, HDGR52755, HDGR52828, HDGR52879, HDGR52928, HDGR52976, HDGR53027, HDGR53076, HDGR53138, HDGR53219, HDGR52671, HDGR52756, HDGR52829, HDGR52880, HDGR52929, HDGR52977, HDGR53028, HDGR53077, HDGR53139, HDGR53220, HDGR52672, HDGR52757, HDGR52830, HDGR52881, HDGR52930, HDGR52978, HDGR53029, HDGR53078, HDGR53140, HDGR53221, HDGR52673, HDGR52758, HDGR52831, HDGR52882, HDGR52931, HDGR52979, HDGR53030, HDGR53079, HDGR53141, HDGR53222, HDGR52674, HDGR52759, HDGR52832, HDGR52883, HDGR52932, HDGR52980, HDGR53031, HDGR53080, HDGR53142, HDGR53223, HDGR52675, HDGR52760, HDGR52833, HDGR52884, HDGR52933, HDGR52981, HDGR53032, HDGR53081, HDGR53145, HDGR53224, HDGR52678, HDGR52761, HDGR52835, HDGR52885, HDGR52934, HDGR52982, HDGR53033, HDGR53085, HDGR53146, HDGR53225, HDGR52682, HDGR52762, HDGR52836, HDGR52886, HDGR52935, HDGR52983, HDGR53034, HDGR53086, HDGR53147, HDGR53226, HDGR52683, HDGR52763, HDGR52839, HDGR52887, HDGR52936, HDGR52984, HDGR53035, HDGR53087, HDGR53152, HDGR53231, HDGR52684, HDGR52764, HDGR52840, HDGR52888, HDGR52937, HDGR52985, HDGR53036, HDGR53088, HDGR53153, HDGR53232, HDGR52685, HDGR52765, HDGR52841, HDGR52890, HDGR52938, HDGR52986, HDGR53037, HDGR53089, HDGR53154, HDGR53235, HDGR52686, HDGR52768, HDGR52842, HDGR52891, HDGR52939, HDGR52987, HDGR53038, HDGR53090, HDGR53155, HDGR53241, HDGR52687, HDGR52769, HDGR52843, HDGR52892, HDGR52940, HDGR52988, HDGR53039, HDGR53091, HDGR53156, HDGR53242, HDGR52700, HDGR52770, HDGR52844, HDGR52893, HDGR52941, HDGR52990, HDGR53040, HDGR53092, HDGR53157, HDGR53251, HDGR52709, HDGR52771, HDGR52845, HDGR52894, HDGR52942, HDGR52991, HDGR53041, HDGR53093, HDGR53158, HDGR52714, HDGR52775, HDGR52846, HDGR52895, HDGR52943, HDGR52992, HDGR53042, HDGR53094, HDGR53159, HDGR52718, HDGR52776, HDGR52847, HDGR52896, HDGR52944, HDGR52993, HDGR53043, HDGR53095, HDGR53160, HDGR52720, HDGR52777, HDGR52848, HDGR52897, HDGR52945, HDGR52994, HDGR53044, HDGR53096, HDGR53161, HDGR52721, HDGR52778, HDGR52849, HDGR52898, HDGR52946, HDGR52995, HDGR53045, HDGR53097, HDGR53162, HDGR52723, HDGR52779, HDGR52850, HDGR52899, HDGR52947, HDGR52996, HDGR53047, HDGR53098, HDGR53163, HDGR52726, HDGR52780, HDGR52851, HDGR52900, HDGR52948, HDGR52997, HDGR53048, HDGR53099, HDGR53164, HDGR52727, HDGR52781, HDGR52852, HDGR52901, HDGR52949, HDGR52998, HDHR53049, HDGR53100, HDGR53165, HDGR52728, HDGR52782, HDGR52853, HDGR52902, HDHR52950, HDGR52999, HDGR53050, HDGR53102, HDGR53166, HDGR52729, HDGR52789, HDGR52854, HDGR52903, HDGR52951, HDGR53000, HDGR53051, HDGR53103, HDGR53167, HDGR52730, HDGR52790, HDGR52855, HDGR52904, HDGR52952, HDGR53001, HDGR53052, HDGR53104, HDGR53168, HDGR52731, HDGR52791, HDGR52856, HDGR52905, HDGR52953, HDGR53002, HDGR53053, HDGR53105, HDGR53169, HDGR52732, HDGR52792, HDGR52857, HDGR52906, HDGR52954, HDGR53003, HDGR53054, HDGR53106, HDGR53171, HDGR52733, HDGR52793, HDGR52858, HDGR52907, HDGR52955, HDGR53004, HDGR53055, HDGR53107, HDGR53175, HDGR52734, HDGR52794, HDGR52859, HDGR52908, HDGR52956, HDGR53005, HDGR53056, HDGR53108, HDGR53176, HDGR52735, HDGR52799, HDGR52860, HDGR52909, HDGR52957, HDGR53006, HDGR53057, HDGR53109, and HDGR53181. ***Incubator Serial Numbers: HDHR52549, HDHR52708, HDHR52774, HDHR52881, HDHR53029, HDHR52551, HDHR52709, HDHR52830, HDHR52882, HDHR53030, HDHR52552, HDHR52710, HDHR52831, HDHR52883, HDHR53031, HDHR52553, HDHR52711, HDHR52832, HDHR52884, HDHR53032, HDHR52554, HDHR52720, HDHR52833, HDHR52885, HDHR53039, HDHR52555, HDHR52721, HDHR52834, HDHR52894, HDHR53040, HDHR52556, HDHR52722, HDHR52835, HDHR52900, HDHR53041, HDHR52557, HDHR52723, HDHR52836, HDHR52901, HDHR53042, HDHR52559, HDHR52724, HDHR52837, HDHR52902, HDHR53043, HDHR52561, HDHR52725, HDHR52838, HDHR52903, HDHR53044, HDHR52562, HDHR52726, HDHR52839, HDHR52904, HDHR53045, HDHR52563, HDHR52727, HDHR52840, HDHR52905, HDHR53046, HDHR52564, HDHR52728, HDHR52841, HDHR52906, HDHR53047, HDHR52565, HDHR52729, HDHR52842, HDHR52907, HDHR53048, HDHR52567, HDHR52730, HDHR52843, HDHR52908, HDHR53049, HDHR52568, HDHR52731, HDHR52844, HDHR52909, HDHR53030, HDHR52569, HDHR52732, HDHR52845, HDHR52951, HDHR52910, HDHR52572, HDHR52733, HDHR52847, HDHR52911, HDHR53052, HDHR52573, HDHR52734, HDHR52848, HDHR52912, HDHR53053, HDHR52575, HDHR52735, HDHR52849, HDHR52913, HDHR53054, HDHR52576, HDHR52736, HDHR52850, HDHR52914, HDHR53055, HDHR52577, HDHR52737, HDHR52851, HDHR52915, HDHR53059, HDHR52578, HDHR52738, HDHR52852, HDHR52926, HDHR53062, HDHR52579, HDHR52739, HDHR52853, HDHR52927, HDHR52580, HDHR52740, HDHR52854, HDHR52928, HDHR52581, HDHR52741, HDHR52855, HDHR52929, HDHR52588, HDHR52742, HDHR52857, HDHR52971, HDHR52589, HDHR52743, HDHR52858, HDHR52972, HDHR52650, HDHR52744, HDHR52859, HDHR52974, HDHR52653, HDHR52745, HDHR52860, HDHR52975, HDHR52654, HDHR52746, HDHR52861, HDHR52976, HDHR52689, HDHR52747, HDHR52862, HDHR52977, HDHR52690, HDHR52748, HDHR52863, HDHR52978, HDHR52691, HDHR52749, HDHR52864, HDHR52979, HDHR52692, HDHR52750, HDHR52865, HDHR52981, HDHR52693, HDHR52751, HDHR52866, HDHR52982, HDHR52694, HDHR52752, HDHR52867, HDHR52983, HDHR52695, HDHR52753, HDHR52868, HDHR52985, HDHR52696, HDHR52754, HDHR52869, HDHR52986, HDHR52697, HDHR52759, HDHR52870, HDHR52987, HDHR52698, HDHR52760, HDHR52871, HDHR52988, HDHR52699, HDHR52767, HDHR52872, HDHR52989, HDHR52700, HDHR52768, HDHR52873, HDHR52990, HDHR52701, HDHR52769, HDHR52874, HDHR52991, HDHR52702, HDHR52770, HDHR52875, HDHR52992, HDHR52703, HDHR52771, HDHR52876, HDHR52993, HDHR52704, HDHR52772, HDHR52877, HDHR52994, HDHR52707, HDHR52773, HDHR52880, and HDHR52995.
Product Distributed Qty 679 units
Reason For Recall Neonatal beds and incubator display boards may randomly overwrite stored information and radiant heater and oxygen set points upon power up or recovery from a power failure.

Event Detail

Event Id 64189
Product Type Devices
Status Ongoing
Recalling Firm GE Healthcare, LLC
City Waukesha
State WI
Country US
Voluntary / Mandated Voluntary: Firm Initiated
Recall Initiation Date 2013-01-08
Initial Firm Notification of Consignee or Public Letter
Distribution Pattern Worldwide Distribution -- USA in the states of AR ,CA, CO, DC, FL, GA, HI, ID, IL, IN, KS, MA, MD, MI, MO, MS, NC, NE, NJ, NY, NV, OH, PA, TN, TX, VA, WA, WI, and WV, and the countries of Arab Emirates, Albania, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Croatia, Czech., Denmark, Ecuador, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy ,Korea, Kurdistan, Lebanon, Macedonia, Malaysia, Mexico, Norway, Oman, Poland, Russia, San Salvador, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, Sweden, Turkey, Uruguay, Venezuela, and United Kingdom.