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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Enforcement Report - Week of May 1, 2013

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Product Detail

Product Description Orthopedic Alliance Spine System (alias "Blue & Gold") Part Numbers: BGC3010 Screw Cap BGR0040 Straight Rod 5.5 x 40mm BGR0050 Straight Rod 5.5 x 50mm BGR0060 Straight Rod 5.5 x 60mm BGR0070 Straight Rod 5.5 x 70mm BGR0080 Straight Rod 5.5 x 80mm BGR0090 Straight Rod 5.5 x 90mm BGR0100 Straight Rod 5.5 x 100mm BGR0110 Straight Rod 5.5 x 110mm BGR0120 Straight Rod 5.5 x 120mm BGR0130 Straight Rod 5.5 x 130mm BGR0140 Straight Rod 5.5 x 140mm BGR0150 Straight Rod 5.5 x 150mm BGR0200 Straight Rod 5.5 x 200mm BGR0300 Straight Rod 5.5 x 300mm BGR0400 Straight Rod 5.5 x 400mm BGR0500 Straight Rod 5.5 x 500mm BGS5535 5.5 x 35mm Polyaxial Screw BGS5540 5.5 x 40mm Polyaxial Screw BGS5545 5.5 x 45mm Polyaxial Screw BGS6035 6.0 x 35mm Polyaxial Screw BGS6040 6.0 x 40mm Polyaxial Screw BGS6045 6.0 x 45mm Polyaxial Screw BGS6050 6.0 x 50mm Polyaxial Screw BGS6535 6.5 x 35mm Polyaxial Screw BGS6540 6.5 x 40mm Polyaxial Screw BGS6545 6.5 x 45mm Polyaxial Screw BGS6550 6.5 x 50mm Polyaxial Screw BGS7035 7.0 x 35mm Polyaxial Screw BGS7040 7.0 x 40mm Polyaxial Screw BGS7045 7.0 x 45mm Polyaxial Screw BGS7050 7.0 x 50mm Polyaxial Screw BGS7055 7.0 x 55mm Polyaxial Screw BGS7535 7.5 x 35mm Polyaxial Screw BGS7540 7.5 x 40mm Polyaxial Screw BGS7545 7.5 x 45mm Polyaxial Screw A pedicle screw system intended to provide immobilization and stabilization of spinal segments in skeletally mature patients.
Recall Number Z-1156-2013
Classification Class II
Code Info All lots are being recalled.
Product Distributed Qty 3,300 units
Reason For Recall Orthopedic Alliance is recalling Blue & Gold Implants and Instruments because the Blue & Gold system is not supported by adequate testing and documentation to demonstrate that it meets performance or safety standards. These inadequacies might result in product peformance failures that could cause patient harm due to implant breakage, loosening, or inadequate sterilization.

Event Detail

Event Id 64584
Product Type Devices
Status Ongoing
Recalling Firm Orthopedic Alliance LLC
City Murrieta
State CA
Country US
Voluntary / Mandated Voluntary: Firm Initiated
Recall Initiation Date 2013-03-07
Initial Firm Notification of Consignee or Public Letter
Distribution Pattern Distributed in Texas.