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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Inventory of Effective Food Contact Substance (FCS) Notifications

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FCN No. 70

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Food Contact Substance:  Carbon monoxide-ethylene copolymer (CAS Reg. No. 111190-67-1); and Carbon monoxide - ethylene -propylene terpolymer (CAS Reg. No. 88995-51-1) containing no more than 8 mole-percent of propylene.
Notifier:  Shell Chemical Company
Manufacturer:  Shell Chemical Company
Intended Use:  For use in articles intended for repeated-use in food processing establishments, for multilayer flexible packaging for refrigerated food products, and for reheatable or microwavable rigid retort packaging for food.
Effective Date:  07/14/2000
Limitations/Specifications:  For use in contact with all foods except beverages containing more than 8 volume percent alcohol, under Conditions of Use A - H, as described in Table 2. The basic polymers shall meet the following specifications: density (ASTM D1505): 1.2, molecular weight: 30,000 (typical); relative to poly (methyl methacrylate); melting point (ASTM D2117): 250-260°C (Copolymer) and 210-260°C (Terpolymer); extractable fraction: not to exceed 0.5 milligram per square inch when the polymer, in the form of plaques, 25 to 30 mil in thickness, is refluxed in n-butanol at the boiling point (118°C) for 2 hours.
Environmental Impact Decisions:  Environmental Decisions Site