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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Inventory of Effective Food Contact Substance (FCS) Notifications

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FCN No. 826

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Food Contact Substance:  Siloxanes and Silicones, di-Me vinyl, hydroxy-terminated, reaction products with trimethoxy[3-(oxiranylmethoxy)propyl]silane (CAS Reg. No. 102782-94-5).
Notifier:  Dow Corning Corporation
Manufacturer:  Dow Corning Corporation
Intended Use:  The FCS is intended for use as an anchor agent in silicone release coatings that are currently regulated for food contact applications.
Effective Date:  09/03/2008
Limitations/Specifications:  For single use and formulated into silicone coatings at a level not to exceed 4 weight percent. The FCS will be used in pressure sensitive adhesives (PSAs) on fruits and vegetables (under food types (I and II) under Conditions of Use E and F and in PSAs for beverage and food containers under Conditions of Use E through G with food types I, II, III, VI-A, VI-B, and VI-C as described in Table 2.
Environmental Impact Decisions:  Environmental Decisions Site