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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Database of Select Committee on GRAS Substances (SCOGS) Reviews

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Report No.:  58
Type of Conclusion:  1
ID Code:  9000-70-8
Year:  1975
CFR Section:  There is no CFR citation.
SCOGS Opinion:  Gelatin is a hydrolyzate of naturally occurring collagen, an ingredient of commonly consumed foods of animal origin. It has been used for over 125 years as an ingredient in the manufacture of various foodstuffs.There is no documented evidence of a deleterious nature to humans from the ingestion of gelatin, other than a rare allergenic response, when the diet has provided an adequate amount of the amino acid tryptophan and is deficient in several others, and thus is of low nutritive value. Gelatin is used in various pharmaceutical formulations. The incidence of tumors in experimental animals (mice) injected subcutaneously with gelatin in various strength solutions, did not differ from that in untreated control animals. No significant adverse findings other than rare hypersensitivity have been found in the examination of data from feeding and biochemical experiments. Thus, there is no evidence to demonstrate a hazard to the public at the level gelatin is consumed as a food or a food ingredient. Based on these considerations, the Select Committee concludes that: There is no evidence in the available information on gelatin that demonstrates or suggests reasonable grounds to suspect a hazard to the public when it is used at levels that are now current or that might reasonably be expected in the future.