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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

GRAS Notices

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The inventory of GRAS notices provides information about GRAS notices filed within each year since 1998, when FDA received its first GRAS notice. Once FDA has responded to a GRAS notice, the text of FDA's response will also be available as part of the record for that notice. We will update this information approximately monthly. More information about this inventory is available on the GRAS Notice Inventory Introduction page.

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Substance Date of closure FDA's Letter
572 Lactase from Bifidobacterium bifidum produced in Bacillus licheniformis Pending
571 2’-Fucosyllactose Pending
570 Magnesium lactate Pending
569 Galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS) Pending
568 Apoaequorin Pending
567 Xylanase from Trichoderma reesei Pending
566 Mannanase from Trichoderma reesei Pending
565 Fucoidan from Undaria pinnatifida Pending
564 Protease from Bacillus licheniformis Pending
563 Protease from Fusarium venenatum Pending
562 Bacillus subtilis Pending
561 Bacillus pumilus Pending
560 Bacillus licheniformis Pending
559 Bacillus coagulans Pending
558 Pectin esterase from Aspergillus tubingensis expressed in Trichoderma reesei Pending
557 Polygalacturonase from Aspergillus tubingensis expressed in Trichoderma reesei Pending
556 Siraitia grosvenorii Swingle (Luo Han Guo) fruit extract Pending
555 High purity steviol glycosides (minimum purity 95%) consisting primarily of rebaudioside A. Pending
554 Synthetic amorphous silica Pending
553 Algal oil (40% docosahexaenoic acid) derived from Schizochytrium sp. Pending
552 Succinic acid Pending
551 Aspartic protease derived from the flowers of Cynera cardunculus L. Mar 26, 2015 FDA has no questions
550 Meso-zeaxanthin Mar 27, 2015 FDA has no questions
549 Sodium salts of fatty acids from Mortierella alpina oil Pending
548 High purity rebaudioside D Pending
547 Lacto-N-neotetraose Pending
546 2'-O-fucosyllactose Pending
545 Phosphatidylserine derived from sunflower Pending
544 β-glucans from oat bran Pending
543 Lutein esters Mar 16, 2015 FDA has no questions
542 Lutein Mar 16, 2015 FDA has no questions
541 Insoluble fiber from citrus peel Pending
540 Soybean leghemoglobin from Pichia pastoris Pending
539 Fish oil Pending
538 Potassium-rich extract from Saccharum officinarum L. (sugarcane) Pending
537 Short-chain fructo-oligosaccharides Feb 5, 2015 FDA has no questions
536 High purity rebaudioside C Pending
535 Beta-glucanase from Streptomyces violaceoruber Pending
534 Hydrogenated lecithin from soy Dec 22, 2014 FDA has no questions
533 Lecithin from canola Mar 18, 2015 FDA has no questions
532 Iron complex of tartaric acid Feb 6, 2015 FDA has no questions
531 Lactobacillus fermentum CECT5716 Mar 20, 2015 FDA has no questions
530 Extract of Apocynum venetum leaves Dec 2, 2014 At the notifier's request, FDA ceased to evaluate the notice
529 Seed from Phalaris canariensis L. (canary grass) Jan 29, 2015 FDA has no questions
528 Preparation containing six bacterial monophages (LIST-36, LMSP-25, LMTA-34, LMTA-57, LMTA-94 and LMTA-148) specific to Listeria monocytogenes Dec 23, 2014 FDA has no questions
527 Algal oil (87% oleic acid) derived from Prototheca moriformis strain S2532 Pending
526 Bacillus coagulans strain Unique IS2 spores preparation Mar 26, 2015 FDA has no questions
525 Pea fiber Sep 25, 2014 FDA has no questions
524 Phospholipase A2 enzyme preparation from Trichoderma reesei carrying a phospholipase A2 gene from Aspergillus nishimurae Nov 10, 2014 FDA has no questions
523 l-leucine Pending

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Substance Date of closure FDA's Letter