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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for China

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
178-3063403-0/1/1 02-Oct-2001 86HOI 3003430382 Tzong Rong Optical Co., Ltd.
FR1-0010535-7/1/1 03-Oct-2001 78FJI 3002820044 Longyan Foreign Trade General Corp.
J72-0011409-2/1/1 03-Oct-2001 75JQT 1000383337 Guangdong Huizhou Light Ind
638-0065939-1/2/1 03-Oct-2001 86HQY 3002813951 Zhejiang Ouhai International Trade Corp.
WCJ-0237615-7/1/1 05-Oct-2001 76EFW 3003031803 Chongqing Dazu Imp Exp Corp
N16-4040967-1/1/1 05-Oct-2001 37JCT99 3003400344 Hua Peng Foods Co., Ltd.
N16-4040967-1/1/2 05-Oct-2001 37JCT99 3003400344 Hua Peng Foods Co., Ltd.
N16-4040967-1/2/1 05-Oct-2001 21GCT09 3003400344 Hua Peng Foods Co., Ltd.
417-0200817-2/1/3 09-Oct-2001 16JGD05 3002804559 Shanghai International Trade
227-0260277-6/1/1 10-Oct-2001 24TFD02 3000640446 Dalian Leasun Food Co.Ltd.
W69-1094956-0/1/1 10-Oct-2001 89ISA 3003428752 China (Fujian) Foreign
WJE-0212342-7/1/1 12-Oct-2001 86HQY 3002558571 Zhejiang Cereals, Oils & Foodstuff
W92-0061153-6/1/1/A 12-Oct-2001 16MGD09 3003408668 SHANDONG YONGKANG FOOD CO LTD
W92-0061153-6/1/1/B 12-Oct-2001 16AGD13 3003408668 SHANDONG YONGKANG FOOD CO LTD
N16-4040967-1/6/1 15-Oct-2001 54FDR99 3002727513 Lohankuo Products Factory
DO2-0177560-1/2/1 15-Oct-2001 85HIS 3003394605 Puritan International Company Ltd
XXX-0039263-0/1/1 16-Oct-2001 85HEK 3001245076 Mindray Electronics Co.
W69-1084274-0/6/1 16-Oct-2001 16AGH01 3001005674 Pochy Food Co Ltd
W69-1084274-0/6/2 16-Oct-2001 16AGH99 3001005674 Pochy Food Co Ltd
W69-1084274-0/7/1 16-Oct-2001 16EGH02 3001005674 Pochy Food Co Ltd
AG4-0016424-4/1/1 18-Oct-2001 79JCY 2000021163 SHANGHAI MEDICINES & HEALTH PRODUCTS I/E CORP.
XXX-0038286-2/1/1/A 19-Oct-2001 80LYZ 3003857909 Shanghai Champion Plastic Products Co., Ltd.
595-2245568-8/1/1 22-Oct-2001 16JGT05 3003191191 Zhejiang Hailisheng Group Co. Ltd.
FS2-1017032-0/1/1 23-Oct-2001 16EGD03 3004249246 Fujian Dongshan County Shunfa Aquatic Product Co., LTD
UT4-0021533-1/70/1 24-Oct-2001 54EDH99 3003043763 Shen Zhen Utc Trading Co.,Ltd.
030-0207504-6/1/1 25-Oct-2001 54GBR04 3004265295 Zhejiang Medicines & Health Products Import & Export Co. Ltd
349-0825209-0/1/1 25-Oct-2001 25PGH09 1000451685 Shenzhen Food Subsidary Imp & Exp
WJQ-0103091-9/1/1 26-Oct-2001 24TEI03 3000271650 China Nat'L Import/Export Corp