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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for Greece

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
100-0326500-5/1/1 07-Dec-2001 21GEE13 3004324603 Kronos
112-8515298-7/9/1 10-Dec-2001 21SGH03 3002843190 Cooperative Of Kymis
300-8725241-4/1/1/A 14-Dec-2001 03HET05 1000199061 E.J. Papadopoulos S.A.
582-9104098-7/1/1/A 17-Dec-2001 61FDB54 3003486714 Georgiadis Ilias
582-9104098-7/1/1/B 17-Dec-2001 61FDB54 3003486714 Georgiadis Ilias
582-9170016-8/1/1/A 21-Dec-2001 66VCY99 3003271157 United Overseas Tankers Ltd
582-9170016-8/1/1/B 21-Dec-2001 80LDQ 3003271157 United Overseas Tankers Ltd
XXX-0039943-7/1/1 21-Dec-2001 61FDB54 3003470838 Nikos Madianos
XXX-0039945-2/1/1 21-Dec-2001 61FDB54 3003470866 Apostolos Zarkas
XXX-0040124-1/1/1 21-Dec-2001 61FDB54 3003479463 KONSTANTINOS PAPANICOLAOU
XXX-0040133-2/1/1 21-Dec-2001 61FCB54 3003479550 Katerina Yioutanis
XXX-0040143-1/1/1 21-Dec-2001 61FCB54 3003480157 Hellas Epe
XXX-0040153-0/1/1 21-Dec-2001 61FCB54 3003479463 KONSTANTINOS PAPANICOLAOU
XXX-0040229-8/1/1 21-Dec-2001 61FCB54 3003482090 Mary Synolakh
XXX-0040235-5/1/1 21-Dec-2001 61FCB54 3003470838 Nikos Madianos
113-2009206-4/1/1 27-Dec-2001 21SFC11 3003505483 George N. Frangistas S.A.