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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for Vietnam

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
DZ1-0232634-2/14/1 14-Dec-2001 03YGN12 1000429310 Agrimexco
713-0161185-2/1/2 18-Dec-2001 16AGD99 1000285591 Vien Thang Pte Co., Ltd.
713-0161185-2/2/1 18-Dec-2001 16MGD14 1000285591 Vien Thang Pte Co., Ltd.
WRE-0303499-8/2/1 18-Dec-2001 16MGT09 3002531111 Gepimex 404 Company
WRE-0303499-8/1/1 18-Dec-2001 16MGT09 3002531111 Gepimex 404 Company
FS2-1016764-9/2/1 18-Dec-2001 16AGD15 3003342285 Thien Tue Co Ltd
808-0095370-7/8/1 27-Dec-2001 16AGD49 3002854898 Kien Giang Company Ltd
H36-0031934-3/1/1 27-Dec-2001 16YVH99 3002518020 Vinatrans
H36-0031934-3/3/1 27-Dec-2001 17AVH99 3002518020 Vinatrans
H36-0031934-3/4/1 27-Dec-2001 16YVH99 3002518020 Vinatrans
H36-0031934-3/5/1 27-Dec-2001 28AHT54 3002518020 Vinatrans
H36-0031934-3/6/1 27-Dec-2001 28AHT54 3002518020 Vinatrans
H36-0031934-3/7/1 27-Dec-2001 28EHT99 3002518020 Vinatrans
H36-0031934-3/9/1 27-Dec-2001 33SHT99 3002518020 Vinatrans
H36-0031934-3/10/1 27-Dec-2001 24THT03 3002518020 Vinatrans
H36-0031934-3/11/1 27-Dec-2001 56YYC99 3002518020 Vinatrans
H36-0031934-3/19/1 27-Dec-2001 31KYT02 3002518020 Vinatrans