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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for 86-Ophthalmic

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
WKV-0034489-0/1/2 27-Dec-2001 86HJO 1000192898 Shin Nippon Commerce, Inc. Japan
XXX-0040506-9/1/1 07-Dec-2001 86HQD 3003666235 Adrian Martinezz Mexico
110-7830982-0/1/1 04-Dec-2001 86HQG 3002607920 20/20 Marketing Ltd Canada
110-5495207-2/1/1 07-Dec-2001 86HQG 3003367816 PT Vision Ease Indonesia
588-0010177-4/1/1 11-Dec-2001 86HQG 7223 Christian Dalloz S.A. France
336-2334991-9/1/1 03-Dec-2001 86HQY 3003369139 Road Runner Italy
660-0455622-2/7/1 14-Dec-2001 86HQY 3003425302 Hard Rock Cafe South Africa
231-6640827-0/13/2 27-Dec-2001 86HQY 1000299799 Royalking Industrial Corp. Taiwan
231-6704891-9/1/1 10-Dec-2001 86HQZ 3003265696 Inspects Ltd United Kingdom
231-6704891-9/2/1 10-Dec-2001 86HQZ 3003265696 Inspects Ltd United Kingdom
F11-1855269-6/1/5 20-Dec-2001 86HQZ 3003001521 Intraco Ag Italy
F11-1855269-6/2/1 20-Dec-2001 86HQZ 1000396957 Emmepi Occhialeria Italy
F11-1855269-6/2/3 20-Dec-2001 86HQZ 3003496233 Hotel Semiramis Egypt
XXX-0041540-7/1/1 26-Dec-2001 86HQZ 3003409599 Visualeyz Inc Canada
835-0043442-4/1/1 11-Dec-2001 86HRJ 1000471670 Fortune Medical Instrument Corp Taiwan