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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for Spain

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
D68-0034930-3/4/1 03-Oct-2002 21GCP09 1000153029 Aceitunas Sevillanas, S.A.
826-0088700-2/1/1 03-Oct-2002 16AGC42 3003847806 Japofish Sociedad Anonima
XXX-0051958-8/1/1 03-Oct-2002 66MCC99 3003766633 Roche Farma, S.A.
EQ6-0002413-5/1/1 04-Oct-2002 80LDQ 3002696365 Panlab Sl
MH4-9501063-8/24/1 07-Oct-2002 60SAR11 3003602448 Smithkline Beecham Sacentro De Investigacion Basica
582-2129787-1/1/1 08-Oct-2002 62FDZ38 3002807434 Laboratorios Argenol, S.L.
XXX-0052109-7/1/1 08-Oct-2002 60SIR25 3000241004 Union Quimico Farmaceutica, SA
112-1028701-8/1/1 10-Oct-2002 53YY99 3003755109 American Cosmetics
144-1450919-2/3/1/A 17-Oct-2002 24TCT01 3003812536 Conservas Alguazas
310-5194685-8/1/1 21-Oct-2002 64RDP99 3003806380 Serono Laboratories Sa
XXX-0050912-6/1/6 23-Oct-2002 53LD01 3002949418 Niuma Belleza
279-0120832-5/4/1 24-Oct-2002 16AYY42 3003949169 Gropesca Imp Exp Mariscios
279-0120832-5/2/1 24-Oct-2002 16EYN05 3003949169 Gropesca Imp Exp Mariscios
322-6594431-7/2/1 31-Oct-2002 21GCP09 1000153029 Aceitunas Sevillanas, S.A.