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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for Korea, Republic Of (South)

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
FD2-0142673-7/4/1 01-Nov-2002 16YDT16 3002662840 Burma Food Co Ltd
HE8-0047973-6/7/3 05-Nov-2002 03FGT99 1000294287 Kirin Co Ltd
EE6-2007230-0/1/1 06-Nov-2002 74DRT 3003737855 Bionet Company Ltd.
EE6-2007230-0/2/1 06-Nov-2002 85LXE 3003737855 Bionet Company Ltd.
N16-1010161-3/33/1 08-Nov-2002 33EGT06 3003586329 Dong A Confectionery Co.
HE8-0047973-6/7/4 14-Nov-2002 03FGT99 1000294287 Kirin Co Ltd
406-0322734-5/1/1 15-Nov-2002 16JGD01 1000538876 Dongrim Fishery Company
225-4421619-9/1/1 18-Nov-2002 86HJB 3003768492 Huvitz Co., Ltd
225-4421619-9/2/1 18-Nov-2002 86HLM 3003768492 Huvitz Co., Ltd
225-4421619-9/3/1 18-Nov-2002 86HOS 3003768492 Huvitz Co., Ltd
XXX-0054957-7/1/1 19-Nov-2002 38MEE29 12253 Miwon Co Ltd
XXX-0054957-7/1/2 19-Nov-2002 04CGT08 12253 Miwon Co Ltd
XXX-0054957-7/1/3 19-Nov-2002 04CGT08 12253 Miwon Co Ltd
D11-0042672-9/20/2 21-Nov-2002 16EGT03 1000110879 Central Fisheries Co Ltd