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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for Taiwan

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
AD3-0174374-7/41/1 04-Mar-2002 24VHT99 1000173845 Grand Western Foods Corp.
906-0308613-4/2/1 04-Mar-2002 16AFD53 3003501216 Huang Chi Frozen Food Factory Co., Ltd.
906-0308613-4/2/2 04-Mar-2002 16AFD53 3003501216 Huang Chi Frozen Food Factory Co., Ltd.
519-2013578-0/9/1 04-Mar-2002 23KGT05 1000277444 Wong Chai Foods Co.,Ltd
W16-1112714-5/1/1 04-Mar-2002 89LYG 3003514353 Home Care Technology Co., Ltd.
110-8102852-4/1/1 06-Mar-2002 66VBY99 3003570250 Phone One Co Ltd
040-0188381-0/1/1 07-Mar-2002 53CK03 3003410224 Timesource Enterprises
880-0028951-7/2/2 07-Mar-2002 30GET99 3003411072 YanShan Health Foods Factory
880-0028951-7/2/1 07-Mar-2002 30GET99 3003411066 NANTAI HEALTHY FOOD CO., LTD.
310-5731211-3/1/1 08-Mar-2002 89ITI 3002468119 Chien Ti Enterprise Co., Ltd.
417-0203438-4/5/3 13-Mar-2002 04CGT07 3003228573 Shin Shin Fa Co., Ltd
W16-1112533-9/1/1 15-Mar-2002 95L22 3002969967 Dee Van Enterprise Co., Ltd
EM8-0002707-7/1/1 21-Mar-2002 80KMH 3002779369 Min Cheng Enterprise Company Ltd.
606-0068040-3/1/1 22-Mar-2002 94V07 3003524918 Ero-Fast International Corp.
W33-0936566-4/11/2 25-Mar-2002 25PEE04 3002589848 Tzuenn Kae Industrial Co., Ltd.
J72-0011762-4/1/1 25-Mar-2002 80FLE 3002779369 Min Cheng Enterprise Company Ltd.
110-7317486-4/1/1 28-Mar-2002 53GG99 3002913040 Micsonic Enterprise Co., Ltd
880-0029271-9/1/1 28-Mar-2002 03RCE01 1000207366 Hwang Ryh Shiang Co Ltd