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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for Yugoslavia

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
U55-0784080-4/1/1 20-May-2002 31AGB02 3003583709 Grand Prom Belgrade
U55-0784080-4/2/1 20-May-2002 29WGB02 3003583713 Voda Vrnjci
U55-0784080-4/4/1 20-May-2002 34BGT09 3003583708 Centro Proizvod Ad
U55-0784080-4/5/1 20-May-2002 02BGB99 3003583708 Centro Proizvod Ad
U55-0784080-4/6/1 20-May-2002 28JGB99 3003583708 Centro Proizvod Ad
U55-0784080-4/7/1 20-May-2002 38CGH11 3003583708 Centro Proizvod Ad
U55-0784080-4/8/1 20-May-2002 03UGH99 3003583708 Centro Proizvod Ad
U55-0784080-4/9/1 20-May-2002 02GFB99 3003583708 Centro Proizvod Ad
U55-0784080-4/11/1 20-May-2002 35DGH05 3003583708 Centro Proizvod Ad
U55-0784080-4/11/2 20-May-2002 35DGH06 3003583708 Centro Proizvod Ad
U55-0784080-4/11/3 20-May-2002 35DGH08 3003583708 Centro Proizvod Ad
U55-0784080-4/11/4 20-May-2002 35DGH99 3003583708 Centro Proizvod Ad
U55-0784080-4/12/1 20-May-2002 31KGH04 3003583708 Centro Proizvod Ad
U55-0784080-4/13/1 20-May-2002 33EGB06 3003583711 Pionir Ltd.
U55-0784080-4/27/1 20-May-2002 07BGB02 3003583712 Stark Sa
U55-0784080-4/14/1 20-May-2002 34BFT09 3003583711 Pionir Ltd.
U55-0784080-4/15/1 20-May-2002 34BFT09 3003583711 Pionir Ltd.
U55-0784080-4/16/1 20-May-2002 03EGB99 3003583711 Pionir Ltd.
U55-0784080-4/17/1 20-May-2002 21JCB03 3003583710 Medoprodukt Tavankut
U55-0784080-4/18/1 20-May-2002 21JCB01 3003583710 Medoprodukt Tavankut
U55-0784080-4/19/1 20-May-2002 21CCB99 3003583710 Medoprodukt Tavankut
U55-0784080-4/20/1 20-May-2002 21JCB13 3003583710 Medoprodukt Tavankut
U55-0784080-4/21/1 20-May-2002 21JCB03 3003583710 Medoprodukt Tavankut
U55-0784080-4/22/1 20-May-2002 21JCB01 3003583710 Medoprodukt Tavankut
U55-0784080-4/23/1 20-May-2002 24KCB20 3003583710 Medoprodukt Tavankut
U55-0784080-4/24/1 20-May-2002 24KCB08 3003583710 Medoprodukt Tavankut
U55-0784080-4/25/1 20-May-2002 03HGB08 3003583712 Stark Sa