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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for Macedonia

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
322-2520557-7/3/1/A 01-Jul-2002 05AGT04 3002916468 Agroplod
322-2520557-7/3/1/B 01-Jul-2002 05AGT03 3002916468 Agroplod
322-2520557-7/3/1/C 01-Jul-2002 07BDT99 3002916468 Agroplod
322-2520557-7/3/1/D 01-Jul-2002 07BDT99 3002916468 Agroplod
322-2520557-7/4/1/A 01-Jul-2002 38HFT19 1000529104 ALKALOID AD
322-2520557-7/4/1/B 01-Jul-2002 38HFT19 1000529104 ALKALOID AD
322-2520557-7/4/1/C 01-Jul-2002 38HFT99 1000529104 ALKALOID AD
322-2520557-7/4/1/D 01-Jul-2002 38HDT28 1000529104 ALKALOID AD
322-2520557-7/4/1/E 01-Jul-2002 38HFT19 1000529104 ALKALOID AD
322-2520557-7/4/1/G 01-Jul-2002 38FDT29 1000529104 ALKALOID AD
322-2520557-7/6/1 01-Jul-2002 36AFT99 1000529104 ALKALOID AD
322-2520557-7/8/1 01-Jul-2002 25SGH01 1000529104 ALKALOID AD
322-2520557-7/9/1 01-Jul-2002 24TFH21 1000529104 ALKALOID AD
322-2520557-7/11/1/D 02-Jul-2002 33LGT07 1000529104 ALKALOID AD
322-2520557-7/12/1/A 02-Jul-2002 34GFT01 3002916468 Agroplod
322-2520557-7/12/1/B 02-Jul-2002 34GFT01 3002916468 Agroplod
322-2520557-7/12/1/C 02-Jul-2002 34GFT01 3002916468 Agroplod
322-2520557-7/13/1/A 02-Jul-2002 03JGT06 3002916468 Agroplod
322-2520557-7/13/1/B 02-Jul-2002 03JGT06 3002916468 Agroplod
322-2520557-7/13/1/C 02-Jul-2002 03JGT06 3002916468 Agroplod
322-2520557-7/14/1/A 02-Jul-2002 25EDH99 1000529104 ALKALOID AD