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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for 86-Ophthalmic

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
XXX-0048932-9/1/1 27-Aug-2002 86HJO 3003005537 Instrimpex Consfit Import & Export China
225-4420966-5/1/1 27-Aug-2002 86HOS 3003716690 Terascience Co Ltd Korea, Republic Of (South)
XXX-0047215-0/1/1 11-Aug-2002 86HQD 3003661787 Amporo Giraldo Colombia
M05-0109517-4/1/1 12-Aug-2002 86HQD 3001552100 Pfoertner Cornealent S A Argentina
XXX-0048604-4/1/1 02-Aug-2002 86HQG 3003047649 Hanmi Swiss Optical Co., Ltd. Korea, Republic Of (South)
112-0718866-6/1/1 07-Aug-2002 86HQG 3003674105 Econo Deutschland Germany
310-5190186-1/1/1 16-Aug-2002 86HQG 2020853 Younger Mfg Company dba Younger Optics United States
U55-0784377-4/4/1 19-Aug-2002 86HQG 3003731078 Sichel & Sichel Italy
M05-0323887-1/18/1 02-Aug-2002 86HQY 3003611887 Amep Profile Ab Sweden
AL6-0022451-6/1/1 05-Aug-2002 86HQY 3002944692 Shanghai International Trust China
R12-0023494-5/1/1 07-Aug-2002 86HQY 3001194879 Safilo Far East Ltd. Hong Kong SAR
R12-0023675-9/1/1 19-Aug-2002 86HQY 1000292906 Dierre Srl Italy
112-3449405-0/1/1 06-Aug-2002 86HQZ 3002656076 Opti-Systems Inc. United States
112-0650202-4/1/1 09-Aug-2002 86LPL 3003074771 Barbara Caffery Canada