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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for Ghana

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
XXX-0050400-2/1/6 05-Sep-2002 05YEY99 3003737039 MRS. B.C. MANU
XXX-0050400-2/1/7 05-Sep-2002 34YYY99 3003737039 MRS. B.C. MANU
XXX-0050400-2/1/9 05-Sep-2002 09CEY99 3003737039 MRS. B.C. MANU
XXX-0050400-2/1/10 05-Sep-2002 16JYH05 3003737039 MRS. B.C. MANU
XXX-0050400-2/1/11 05-Sep-2002 16JYH05 3003737039 MRS. B.C. MANU
XXX-0050400-2/1/13 05-Sep-2002 16JYY05 3003737039 MRS. B.C. MANU
XXX-0050400-2/1/14 05-Sep-2002 02GFY99 3003737039 MRS. B.C. MANU
XXX-0050400-2/1/15 05-Sep-2002 26AYY05 3003737039 MRS. B.C. MANU
XXX-0050400-2/1/16 05-Sep-2002 28CYH54 3003737039 MRS. B.C. MANU
XXX-0050400-2/1/17 05-Sep-2002 23YYH99 3003737039 MRS. B.C. MANU
XXX-0050400-2/1/8 05-Sep-2002 26EYY99 3003737039 MRS. B.C. MANU
XXX-0050400-2/1/1 05-Sep-2002 23MCY99 3003737039 MRS. B.C. MANU
XXX-0050400-2/1/2 05-Sep-2002 23MCY99 3003737039 MRS. B.C. MANU
XXX-0050400-2/1/3 05-Sep-2002 05YEY99 3003737039 MRS. B.C. MANU
XXX-0050400-2/1/12 05-Sep-2002 38JEY11 3003737039 MRS. B.C. MANU
112-0962234-0/1/1 05-Sep-2002 66VAY99 3003737175 Adwoa Agyekum
XXX-0049917-9/1/1 05-Sep-2002 61FCC54 3003730251 Agyemang Prempeh
M34-0062845-9/1/1/A 13-Sep-2002 02HGT01 3003714144 Ayefor Enterprise
M34-0062845-9/1/1/B 13-Sep-2002 02HGT01 3003714144 Ayefor Enterprise
M34-0062845-9/2/1/A 13-Sep-2002 26CGT05 3003714144 Ayefor Enterprise
M34-0062845-9/2/1/B 13-Sep-2002 33EGT11 3003654225 Cadbury Ghana Ltd
M34-0062845-9/2/1/C 13-Sep-2002 66CBN99 3002494656 Capital O2
M34-0062845-9/2/1/D 13-Sep-2002 22AGT99 3003714144 Ayefor Enterprise
M34-0062845-9/2/1/H 13-Sep-2002 03EGT99 3004354418 PRAISE EXPORT SERVICES LIMITED
M34-0062845-9/2/1/I 13-Sep-2002 23CGT07 3003732353 BURGER FOOD INDUSTRIES
M34-0062845-9/4/1 13-Sep-2002 28BGT54 3003714144 Ayefor Enterprise
M34-0062845-9/6/1/A 13-Sep-2002 34HEE02 1000599171 Nestle Ghana Ltd.
M34-0062845-9/6/1/B 13-Sep-2002 29BCE60 3003180953 Accra Brewery Limited
M34-0062845-9/6/1/C 13-Sep-2002 29BCE02 3005207690 The Coca-cola Bottling Company of Ghana Limited
M34-0062845-9/6/1/G 13-Sep-2002 32BCE99 3003825964 Ghana Breweries Limited
M34-0062845-9/6/1/H 13-Sep-2002 32BCE99 3003732475 GUINNESS GHANA LTD.
H67-1203439-5/1/1 19-Sep-2002 16IFN12 3003507448 Can & Kaa
H67-1196335-4/1/1 19-Sep-2002 16IFN12 3001616005 Nasem Product Enterprises