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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for 12-Cheese/Cheese Prod

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
J11-0020851-8/2/1 29-Jan-2003 12AGP03 3003884898 Rene Antonio Hernandez Ibarra El Salvador
U72-0507592-3/2/1 31-Jan-2003 12AGP99 3004803054 MOLE ROJO EL MEXICANO Mexico
328-0332492-3/2/2 17-Jan-2003 12AGT52 3002959933 Alimentos Y Derivados Sta. Lucia Mexico
F23-0897374-2/10/1/A 29-Jan-2003 12CFP15 1000563119 Scoff Fromageries Francais France
966-0054158-3/4/1/A 13-Jan-2003 12CGH13 3003816149 Cremeria Vero Interior Del Mercado Municipal Mexico
966-0054177-3/2/1 13-Jan-2003 12CGH13 3002804431 Jorge Fitz Mexico
966-0054239-1/2/1 17-Jan-2003 12CGH13 3003800974 Cesar Rodriguez Jaimes Mexico
966-0054231-8/2/1 27-Jan-2003 12CGH13 3005058775 Productos Lacteos Ochoa S.A. de C.V Mexico
J11-0020605-8/2/1 31-Jan-2003 12CGP13 3003844199 Lacteos De Honduras S.A. De Cv. Honduras
793-0592822-2/11/1 21-Jan-2003 12CGP15 1000362783 F. Uhrenholt Cheese A/S Denmark
169-3133897-0/2/1 29-Jan-2003 12CYY15 3003710803 Fromagerie Bernard Soreda France
169-3133897-0/11/1 29-Jan-2003 12CYY15 3001226408 Le Chevrefeuille S.A.S France
169-3133897-0/33/1 29-Jan-2003 12CYY15 3003852798 M.Philippe Olivier France
169-3133897-0/48/1 29-Jan-2003 12CYY15 3002944711 Etablissements Curtet Et Fils France
F23-0897374-2/1/1/A 29-Jan-2003 12YFP99 3004266530 Fromagerie Guilloteau France