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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for 12-Cheese/Cheese Prod

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
H32-0032079-0/2/1 06-Oct-2003 12AGP99 3003690746 Hector Ocampo Mexico
004-4379466-4/1/1 30-Oct-2003 12AGP99 3003625591 Quesos Colima Sa De Cv Mexico
KB7-0020778-4/3/1 28-Oct-2003 12AHO56 1000442373 Gad Dairy (Marketing 1992) Israel
FM9-1009925-4/11/1 30-Oct-2003 12AHP56 3003813462 Kraft Foods Italia Spa Italy
TZ8-0108970-5/2/1 14-Oct-2003 12AMP56 3004266530 Fromagerie Guilloteau France
KE3-3000597-3/6/1 29-Oct-2003 12AVT99 3003257630 Grace Kensbury & Co., Ltd. Jamaica
J49-0339439-4/6/1 15-Oct-2003 12BEE05 3002493591 Dairy Industries Limited Jamaica
J89-0077161-1/6/1 06-Oct-2003 12CEE16 3003336411 Faisal Al Khatib Jordan
966-0014255-6/2/1 20-Oct-2003 12CGH13 3004014497 Ocampo Lozano Ismael Mexico
966-0014270-5/2/1 20-Oct-2003 12CGH13 3003533938 Lucio Segura Mexico
966-0014277-0/2/1 20-Oct-2003 12CGH13 3003861739 Exportadora De Productos Mexicanos Mexico
966-0014312-5/3/1 20-Oct-2003 12CGH13 3004140058 Saavedra Arzate Pedro Cuautemoc S/N Mexico
966-0014322-4/2/1 20-Oct-2003 12CGH13 3004014497 Ocampo Lozano Ismael Mexico
144-2008767-0/9/1 10-Oct-2003 12CGP15 3002958687 OCCELLI AGRINATURA Italy
GV8-0031930-5/2/1/B 27-Oct-2003 12CGP99 3003844724 Leche Y Derivados S.A. Honduras
EN2-0014885-0/3/1 17-Oct-2003 12CGT13 3004108474 Lacteos Rico,S.A. De C.V. Mexico
MH9-0026701-3/2/1 03-Oct-2003 12YAB99 3004064199 Gec Honduras
AMG-0044844-3/2/1 03-Oct-2003 12YGC99 3004101895 Luis Tovar Chaivez Venezuela
JF7-0011365-3/1/1 02-Oct-2003 12YGF99 3002974952 Allan Trewin Suarez Nicaragua