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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for 20-Fruit/Fruit Prod

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
286-0717593-3/1/1 13-Oct-2003 20AGD14 3004114331 Jiangsu Huada Foodstuff Industry Co., Ltd. China
J21-0034286-9/1/1 15-Oct-2003 20AGT01 3004100192 Huzhou Tianbao China
310-5350049-7/11/1 22-Oct-2003 20AJC14 3004109169 Ferme Francois Gosselin Enr Canada
AF0-0021092-8/1/1 29-Oct-2003 20AVD14 1000172264 Agromod S.A. Ecuador
322-7140406-6/1/2 15-Oct-2003 20BFT10 3002468363 Del Monte Fresh Produce (Chile) S.A. Chile
506-0722501-3/1/1 08-Oct-2003 20BGH14 3004114585 CHAUCER FOODS France
H13-0074083-4/1/1 27-Oct-2003 20BGH14 3004093770 Sebou Maraichere Morocco
906-0092502-9/3/1 07-Oct-2003 20BGH18 3003959817 Demes Meat Processing Co Iran
761-0052371-1/4/1 29-Oct-2003 20BGH99 3003725566 Bel-Kurt Ic Ve Dis Ticaret Ltd Sti Turkey
113-2368841-3/1/1 17-Oct-2003 20BGT10 3003274010 Exportadora Arcoiris Ltda Chile
NM2-1033976-5/42/1 07-Oct-2003 20CFT13 3004804567 Nestle Uk Ltd United Kingdom
594-0134477-1/1/2 31-Oct-2003 20DFB99 3003852034 Radma Ukraine