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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for 64-Human and Animal Drugs

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
112-1705741-3/2/1 28-Oct-2003 64BCA99 3004163574 Grecia Gil Dominican Republic
310-9128533-3/4/1 02-Oct-2003 64BCB25 3004124387 Pine Valley Pharmacy Canada
112-1744111-2/1/1 22-Oct-2003 64GDA19 1000377056 Ortho Mcneil Inc. Canada
XXX-0064007-9/1/2 01-Oct-2003 64LAJ02 3009853808 Beltapharma SPA Subsidary of Strides Arcolab International Italy
XXX-0064007-9/1/1 01-Oct-2003 64LAJ67 3009853808 Beltapharma SPA Subsidary of Strides Arcolab International Italy
XXX-0064007-9/1/3 01-Oct-2003 64LAJ99 3003563397 PRAMIL srl Italy
XXX-0064007-9/1/4 01-Oct-2003 64LAJ99 1000167943 MCA Medical And Chemical Agency S.R.L. Italy
XXX-0064007-9/1/5 01-Oct-2003 64LAJ99 3004086115 DESIO Italy
112-1181332-4/1/1 02-Oct-2003 64LCC19 3004096884 Jem Dy Pico Philippines
XXX-0068654-4/1/1 14-Oct-2003 64LCJ67 3002624237 Glaxo Saudi Arabia Ltd. Saudi Arabia
227-0272485-1/1/1 23-Oct-2003 64LCJ67 3002619397 Pramil Srl Italy
227-0272485-1/2/1 23-Oct-2003 64LCJ67 3003145685 Beltapharm S.p.A. Italy
112-1590865-8/1/1 09-Oct-2003 64RBY99 3003646846 Sdx Netherlands
AEK-6255184-7/1/1 30-Oct-2003 64RBY99 3004133175 Med Quest United States
112-1536729-3/2/1 17-Oct-2003 64RDA99 3004142556 Philo Oboh Nigeria
112-1350806-2/1/1 02-Oct-2003 64RDB99 3004118810 P.T. Schering India
112-1726692-3/3/1 30-Oct-2003 64UCA03 3004167977 Berna J Mendoza Canada