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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for 23-Nuts/Edible Seed

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
KP5-0005700-8/1/1 01-Dec-2003 23AGH08 3003459412 Gins Paq. Sa De Cv Mexico
144-1252975-4/8/1 10-Dec-2003 23BEE04 3004099195 Garabakh Siyavuspasa Turkey
551-3318298-5/1/1 01-Dec-2003 23BGB12 3004106594 Gold State Nuts United States
XXX-0069870-5/1/1 11-Dec-2003 23BGT03 3003772998 Sea Wing Worldwide India
110-4491918-3/1/1 30-Dec-2003 23BGT03 3001907048 Natursource Inc. Canada
300-1639183-8/3/1 22-Dec-2003 23CCT07 3004296302 Vicrossano Inc. Canada
J89-0107396-7/6/1 25-Dec-2003 23EEE05 3004293973 Sampaca Foods Inc. Philippines
880-0038563-8/1/3 11-Dec-2003 23FCE17 3004268847 TBN FOOD PRODUCTS Philippines
110-4711412-1/2/1 15-Dec-2003 23KAT02 3004136191 Arslan International Pakistan
DV1-0046695-7/2/1 30-Dec-2003 23KFC01 3003924489 Jose Perez y Familia Mexico
551-3095981-5/1/1 03-Dec-2003 23KFT02 3003151049 Navjyot International India
110-4486734-1/4/1 29-Dec-2003 23KGT05 3004136914 Noix Said Inc Import Export Canada
EB6-0415763-7/1/1 09-Dec-2003 23KVN03 3003231686 Zhejiang Haitong Food Import & Export Co.,Ltd China