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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for 61-Human and Animal Drugs

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
310-5213319-1/1/1 14-Feb-2003 61EDB06 3000942379 Jean Coutu Pharmacy Canada
XXX-0056202-6/1/1 04-Feb-2003 61FCA54 3002808385 Taro Pharmaceutical Industries, Ltd. Israel
112-1442136-5/1/1 04-Feb-2003 61FCA54 3003874553 Cristina Cervantes Rogel Mexico
XXX-0058178-6/1/1 28-Feb-2003 61FDC54 3003827525 Jansen Cilag S.A.De C.V. Mexico
310-5958322-4/1/1 03-Feb-2003 61FDF54 3003889518 Brig M Iqbal Pakistan
T94-0028988-8/2/1 10-Feb-2003 61GCS57 3003659063 Gamphray Laboratories India
T94-0028988-8/3/1 10-Feb-2003 61HCR03 3003074214 Biesterfeld Siemsgluss Germany
112-0068735-8/3/1 10-Feb-2003 61JCY99 3001203985 Pfizer Canada Inc. - Kirkland, QC Administrative Site Canada
112-1461463-9/1/1 03-Feb-2003 61KCP99 3003722750 Gian Paolo Ratm Italy
112-0022266-9/1/1 11-Feb-2003 61NDB65 3003905972 Lundbeck United Kingdom
112-0022266-9/2/1 11-Feb-2003 61NDB65 3003905972 Lundbeck United Kingdom
KL1-0116079-6/1/1 11-Feb-2003 61NRS82 1000203878 Macfarian Smith Ltf United Kingdom
112-1428137-1/1/1 03-Feb-2003 61PCA31 3003868854 Technisource Tech India
112-1419985-4/1/1 03-Feb-2003 61VCL01 3002346645 Pharmax Limited United Kingdom
F11-2393039-0/1/3 10-Feb-2003 61WDJ47 3001443002 Wu Chin Jung Taiwan
H77-0080942-6/1/1 07-Feb-2003 61XCU04 3003882508 Supriya Lifescience Limited India