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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for 60-Human and Animal Drugs

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
F11-2408181-3/1/1 30-Apr-2003 60KCA15 3003993956 Carmel Bautista Philippines
F11-2408181-3/1/2 30-Apr-2003 60KCA99 3003993956 Carmel Bautista Philippines
112-2363319-8/1/1 21-Apr-2003 60LBA01 3003911791 Zoe Fullerton Canada
112-3651337-9/1/1 18-Apr-2003 60LCA99 3003966967 Carlos Cordova Mexico
110-0820868-8/2/1 08-Apr-2003 60LCB83 3003382089 Pfizer Ireland Pharmaceuticals Ireland
112-0041029-8/1/1 21-Apr-2003 60LCC85 3003919205 Susan Campbell Canada
582-2462213-4/2/1 22-Apr-2003 60LCF99 3002807820 Orifice Medical AB Sweden
F11-4594397-5/1/1 08-Apr-2003 60MBA06 3002277936 Pharmaceutical Wholesaler Nech New Zealand
310-5215149-0/2/1 14-Apr-2003 60MDB17 3003959552 Safeway Pharmacy Canada
112-0410976-3/1/1 29-Apr-2003 60QIA99 1000601967 Nippon Zoki Japan
WYQ-2008410-8/1/1 03-Apr-2003 60SAY11 3006551280 GlaxoSmithKline Costa Rica SA Costa Rica
K93-0152019-2/14/2 30-Apr-2003 60SBL09 1000291448 Atlantic Exports India
112-1523566-5/1/1 21-Apr-2003 60SKY99 3003910340 Garmin Bbd Costa Rica