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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for Dominican Republic

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
JN8-0004059-2/5/2 01-May-2003 24AFB14 3004686945 Exportadora Gomez Cruz, C. Por A.
HG8-0069999-0/1/1 01-May-2003 24FFB08 3002986625 Martinez Exports S.A. (growing field)
438-0830313-5/5/1 06-May-2003 24FFC07 3003213405 Tejada Produce S.A. Y/O Leonardo Tejada
E84-0030299-6/2/1 13-May-2003 24AFB14 3005671670 R & F Export Import Corp.
582-0432795-1/1/1 15-May-2003 29WHH02 3004000081 Mador, S.A.
F11-2005735-3/1/1 16-May-2003 62ODC28 3003997080 Nery Dedovila
FG7-0100498-7/6/1 20-May-2003 94V07 3003824344 Domex Sa
FG7-0100498-7/4/1 20-May-2003 95L32 3003824344 Domex Sa
FQ7-0007949-1/1/1 21-May-2003 24FFC08 3004260467 Exportadora Isidro S.A.
814-0122447-2/6/1 23-May-2003 60SBR99 1000202140 Maria Nieve Castillo Torres
U52-1406143-9/2/1 23-May-2003 60QBJ99 3003481013 Laboratorios Alfa, SRL
AHE-7010914-2/6/1 29-May-2003 24FFC04 3003937148 V&D Agropecuaria
N35-0185980-4/1/1 29-May-2003 53LC03 3003986607 Any Ramirez
N35-0186107-3/1/1 29-May-2003 56YYP99 1000578952 Vet San
112-0578953-0/1/1/A 29-May-2003 66VCP99 3004009956 Consultorio Medico
112-0578953-0/1/1/B 29-May-2003 66VCP99 3004009956 Consultorio Medico