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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for Spain

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
M96-2019459-4/9/1 01-May-2003 22CCT99 3001152095 Mazapanes Peces, S.L.
F23-0899713-9/2/3 11-May-2003 24FFB07 3003869217 Surexport Sl
506-0809297-4/1/1 15-May-2003 65JCS21 3002996872 Crystal Pharma, S.A.U.
112-0440427-1/1/1 15-May-2003 66VAY99 3003987963 Josefina Garcia Miembro
EA3-0013220-9/3/2 20-May-2003 28BGT54 1000179288 Jesus Navarro S.A.
EA3-0013220-9/6/1 20-May-2003 50BCY01 1000179288 Jesus Navarro S.A.
EA3-0013220-9/8/1 20-May-2003 35CEH99 1000179288 Jesus Navarro S.A.
EA3-0013220-9/8/2 20-May-2003 35DEH99 1000179288 Jesus Navarro S.A.
D80-0053223-3/2/1 22-May-2003 02AGD99 3003971233 Hdos. De Pepe El Bueno S.L.
N35-0184152-1/1/1 22-May-2003 09CFB07 1000179288 Jesus Navarro S.A.
F23-0899713-9/2/1 25-May-2003 24FFB07 3003869217 Surexport Sl
QX6-0001290-7/3/1 27-May-2003 25YCY99 3003855513 Ibermir Hispania S.A.
QX6-0001290-7/4/1 27-May-2003 25YYY99 3003855513 Ibermir Hispania S.A.
QX6-0001290-7/5/1 27-May-2003 16AYY45 3003855513 Ibermir Hispania S.A.
QX6-0001290-7/6/1 27-May-2003 16AYY33 3003855513 Ibermir Hispania S.A.
QX6-0001290-7/7/1 27-May-2003 16PYY03 3003855513 Ibermir Hispania S.A.
316-0113848-5/1/1 27-May-2003 24FCI04 3003800955 Precocinados Corella S.A.
316-0113848-5/2/1 27-May-2003 24TEP02 3003800955 Precocinados Corella S.A.
N35-0184951-6/1/1 29-May-2003 24FEI07 3003865148 Vecomar Alimentacion, S.L.