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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for Indonesia

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
082-0260595-5/1/1 01-May-2003 16XGT21 1000640570 Pt. Windhu Mutiara
530-0065320-3/1/1 02-May-2003 16AGT45 3001245130 P.T. Tirta Raya Mina (Persero)
W21-0483827-1/1/1 05-May-2003 16AGT42 3007946119 Pt Chen Woo Fishery
082-0259347-4/1/1/A 07-May-2003 16XGD21 3004252492 PT Golden Great Wall Indonesia
FD6-3019750-3/1/1 08-May-2003 16AEE45 3002873281 Maya Muncar
DZ1-3004703-5/3/1 13-May-2003 16AVT53 3003294743 P.T. Spectro Inti Prima
FL2-0014567-8/2/1 16-May-2003 16AVD45 3004129247 PT Dharma Samudera Fishing Industries TBK
DZ1-3005198-7/2/1 20-May-2003 16SGT53 1000375438 Pondok Bandeng "Superior"
917-0141171-1/1/1/A 22-May-2003 16AGD99 3004255218 PT. Lautan Niaga Jaya
917-0141171-1/1/1/B 22-May-2003 16AGD99 3004255218 PT. Lautan Niaga Jaya
G86-0023416-1/2/1 22-May-2003 21TGH10 3003517637 Profil Mitra Abadi