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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for 20-Fruit/Fruit Prod

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
EE1-0015487-5/1/1 02-Jun-2003 20AGD14 3003916438 Binder Poland
EE1-0015477-6/1/1 06-Jun-2003 20AGD14 3003916438 Binder Poland
EE1-0015591-4/1/1 06-Jun-2003 20AGD14 3003916438 Binder Poland
M76-2460157-2/1/1 24-Jun-2003 20AGT10 3003220889 Arat Company Iran
ALL-0009700-6/1/1 16-Jun-2003 20AHB01 1000256549 Planasses Plantaciones Y Negocios, S.A. (PLANESA) Guatemala
MC2-4533988-2/1/1 04-Jun-2003 20AHC01 3004931269 EXPORTADORA RIO BRAVO S.A. Guatemala
523-0624025-1/1/1/B 24-Jun-2003 20BFB10 3002468363 Del Monte Fresh Produce (Chile) S.A. Chile
062-2095770-5/1/1 12-Jun-2003 20BGH14 3004283902 Boai Xinda Food Co., Ltd. China
062-2096665-6/2/1 17-Jun-2003 20BGH14 3004283902 Boai Xinda Food Co., Ltd. China
U61-1060089-0/3/1 09-Jun-2003 20BGH99 3003726061 Diyar Tarim Urunleri Turkey
225-3337382-9/1/1 26-Jun-2003 20BVT14 3004114585 CHAUCER FOODS France
E99-0230778-0/3/1 24-Jun-2003 20CCT14 3004096063 Aktieselskabet Beauvais Denmark
EH5-0025310-7/16/1 18-Jun-2003 20DCT09 3002809009 Mofel'S Food International Philippines
371-1135499-1/9/1 11-Jun-2003 20RCE01 3003998971 Professional Cargo Service Guatemala
900-0037632-8/1/1 25-Jun-2003 20SFB99 3003234437 Rpa Do Brasil Ltda Brazil