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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for 76-Dental

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
916-0924386-9/9/1 25-Jun-2003 76EBC 3002718942 Voco GmbH Germany
916-0924386-9/17/1 25-Jun-2003 76EBF 3002718942 Voco GmbH Germany
112-0645238-5/1/1 09-Jun-2003 76ECC 3004002237 Dent Eq India
DQ7-6003605-2/3/1 04-Jun-2003 76EFW 3001374896 Cheil JeDang Corporation (C J Corp.) Korea, Republic Of (South)
KP7-0000267-1/2/1 11-Jun-2003 76EFW 3003972052 Broadway Trading Co Hong Kong SAR
W69-1151835-6/1/1 12-Jun-2003 76EFW 3003822668 Yiwu Agricultural Economy Development Co China
551-3022646-2/2/1 16-Jun-2003 76EFW 3004003156 Unilazer House India
F11-6205228-8/1/4 19-Jun-2003 76EGN 3001122098 Panorama International Pakistan
F11-6205228-8/1/3 19-Jun-2003 76EIC 3001122098 Panorama International Pakistan
241-9181876-4/21/1 25-Jun-2003 76ELA 1000436991 Cheering Couple Enterprises Co Ltd Taiwan
F11-6205228-8/1/1 19-Jun-2003 76EMG 3001122098 Panorama International Pakistan
DM9-3010547-1/1/1 25-Jun-2003 76EMG 3002774183 M.A. Arain & Brothers (Pvt) Ltd Pakistan
322-3513687-9/1/1 20-Jun-2003 76JEQ 3003783199 Hi-P Shanghai Electronics China
F11-6205228-8/1/2 19-Jun-2003 76JEX 3001122098 Panorama International Pakistan