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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for 79-General & Plastic Surgery

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
HQ7-0033136-1/1/1 16-Jun-2003 79FTR 3003593777 Mentor Medical Sys Netherlands
112-0676079-5/1/1 17-Jun-2003 79FWM 1000401406 Laboratoire Eurosilicone France
525-0661500-5/1/1 09-Jun-2003 79FYC 6723 Bright & Beauty Enterrprise Co., Ltd. Taiwan
112-0654670-7/2/1 11-Jun-2003 79GCY 3004021851 Sapi Med Spa Italy
W04-0234803-5/1/1 03-Jun-2003 79GEN 3003330499 Javaria International Pakistan
W04-0234577-5/1/1 17-Jun-2003 79GEN 3003330499 Javaria International Pakistan
D40-0205908-5/1/1 20-Jun-2003 79GEN 3002807847 Pajunk GmbH Germany
112-0543822-9/1/1 26-Jun-2003 79GEX 3004127431 Anti Aging Solutions Inc. Canada
396-0126855-8/1/2 06-Jun-2003 79HTD 3002807195 Hobri International Pakistan
H77-0082618-0/1/1 27-Jun-2003 79HXD 3003945179 Garrison Surgical Pakistan
H77-0082618-0/1/3 27-Jun-2003 79HXM 3003945179 Garrison Surgical Pakistan
WRT-0032390-9/1/1/A 06-Jun-2003 79KGO 3003164462 Gallimore Healthcare Canada
WRT-0032390-9/1/1/B 06-Jun-2003 79KGO 3003164462 Gallimore Healthcare Canada
112-1502909-2/3/1 12-Jun-2003 79KGZ 3003898530 David Tymchak Canada
F11-6601529-9/1/1 05-Jun-2003 79LMH 3004020084 Medica Tcpc United Arab Emirates
582-1646119-4/1/1 11-Jun-2003 79LRW 3003884143 Titan Surgical Russia
750-0094813-5/1/9 13-Jun-2003 79LRW 3002631726 Surclimed Instruments (Regd) Pakistan