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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for Spain

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
112-0349622-9/1/1 03-Jul-2003 57GF01 3003973485 Jose Luis Vicent P/C
582-4359493-4/1/4 07-Jul-2003 54YBA99 3002787364 Phinter Heelphinter Heel
336-9981423-4/4/2 10-Jul-2003 53ED07 3003605178 Lamarvi Sa
336-9981423-4/6/1 10-Jul-2003 53ED06 3003605178 Lamarvi Sa
MH9-0025406-0/8/1 15-Jul-2003 16EEE04 3004044883 Irantzu Sl
MH9-0025406-0/9/1 15-Jul-2003 16AEC07 3004044883 Irantzu Sl
AL2-0047851-2/1/1 21-Jul-2003 37BGD10 3004060750 Nestle Espana S.A.
AL2-0047851-2/2/1 21-Jul-2003 37BGD10 3004060750 Nestle Espana S.A.
T94-0031518-8/1/1 24-Jul-2003 70YY99 1000504867 Divasa Farmavic, S.A.
T94-0031518-8/1/2 24-Jul-2003 54ANL90 1000504867 Divasa Farmavic, S.A.
T94-0031518-8/1/3 24-Jul-2003 56YXL99 1000504867 Divasa Farmavic, S.A.
T94-0031518-8/1/4 24-Jul-2003 60LLL13 1000504867 Divasa Farmavic, S.A.
112-0606338-0/1/1 25-Jul-2003 66VCP99 3001175316 Mrw/Interlock Express
AQZ-0184983-8/2/1 28-Jul-2003 24KCT04 8199 Conservas Alguazas, S.L.