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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for Thailand

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
417-0212416-9/4/1 03-Jul-2003 16LEE01 1000146265 N R Instant Produce Co Ltd
082-0266222-0/1/1 09-Jul-2003 16WGT22 3003656505 Kingfisher Holding Limited
073-0075298-2/5/1 11-Jul-2003 76EFW 3003976651 Gillette Thailand Ltd.
880-0036991-3/4/4 15-Jul-2003 25JHT21 1000193429 Combine Thai Foods Co Ltd
277-0101822-1/1/1 17-Jul-2003 21TGP14 3003308708 SUREE INTERFOODS CO LTD
880-0037480-6/1/1 18-Jul-2003 21TFH14 3002475786 Pr Marketing Limited Partnership
253-1023539-2/2/1/F 21-Jul-2003 32AEE99 3003504005 Malee Sampran Public Co Ltd
808-0106701-0/11/1 21-Jul-2003 33EGT06 3002363237 Jin Jin Marketing co.,ltd
112-3970769-7/10/1/B 22-Jul-2003 21SET99 3003450263 C&A Products Co.,Ltd.
DK3-0727538-0/3/1 22-Jul-2003 25YGT99 3004259245 Tanaya International Co., Ltd.
D52-0900225-7/2/1 22-Jul-2003 24BGH09 1000600324 Jack Hua Co Ltd
DE0-0053214-8/2/1 23-Jul-2003 21SFB14 3001794549 Boonmee International
T76-0128133-2/14/1 23-Jul-2003 16JEE01 1000617647 NR Instant Produce Co. Ltd.
411-8143673-8/1/5 24-Jul-2003 29AEE06 13240 Thai Agri Foods Co., Ltd.
275-1143831-2/5/1 24-Jul-2003 37KCE99 3000169952 Mae Anong
221-4001640-7/3/2 24-Jul-2003 21VEE14 3003117742 C&A Product Co., Ltd.
ANA-0001974-2/3/2 24-Jul-2003 37JCE99 1000566489 Thai-Am Product Import Export Ltd
275-1143831-2/9/1 25-Jul-2003 63RAL06 3002881504 Lever Brother Thailand Ltd
275-1149918-1/7/1/A 25-Jul-2003 53LC03 3001251737 Biotrading Co., Ltd
275-1149918-1/7/1/B 25-Jul-2003 62GCS59 3003223709 KRUNGDHEB PHARMACY
275-1149918-1/7/1/C 25-Jul-2003 62KAS08 3003223709 KRUNGDHEB PHARMACY
275-1149918-1/7/1/D 25-Jul-2003 66VBC99 3003907088 Hatakhab Dispensary Co., LTD
275-1149918-1/7/1/E 25-Jul-2003 64LDO08 3003002183 Interthai Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Limited
275-1149918-1/7/1/F 25-Jul-2003 56YCS99 3001149270 Pond's Chemical Thailand R.O.P.
275-1149918-1/7/1/G 25-Jul-2003 60LCZ01 3003538424 Bukalo Trading Co., Ltd.
065-1160188-9/2/1 29-Jul-2003 30GCT99 1000416184 Hale'S Trading (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
W33-0943990-7/8/1 30-Jul-2003 16AGH01 1000554405 New Lamthong Foods Industries Co., Ltd.
WDA-0015135-2/16/1 30-Jul-2003 16YCE12 1000617647 NR Instant Produce Co. Ltd.
427-2164489-8/2/1 31-Jul-2003 02CFT01 3003193684 Century Industries Co., Ltd.