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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for 76-Dental

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
315-8130089-9/1/1 16-Jul-2003 76DZM 3004033810 Suprodent Honduras
DM9-3010515-8/1/1 15-Jul-2003 76ECF 3003629500 Odontobras Brazil
XXX-0062598-9/1/3 01-Jul-2003 76EFW 3004044380 Mohamed Brahim Kenya
073-0075298-2/5/1 11-Jul-2003 76EFW 3003976651 Gillette Thailand Ltd. Thailand
T40-0762263-1/4/1 11-Jul-2003 76EFW 3003564336 Wenzhou Textiles Foreign Trade Corporation, China China
EP8-2202543-3/9/1 16-Jul-2003 76EFW 3003724632 Shanghai Xianghui Products Corporation China
KX2-0008761-0/14/1 29-Jul-2003 76EFW 3003537070 Yiwu Commerce Controlling Company China
DM9-3010494-6/2/1 25-Jul-2003 76EHD 3003478608 Dabi Atlante Sa Inds. Brazil
DM9-3010494-6/5/1 25-Jul-2003 76EHD 3003478608 Dabi Atlante Sa Inds. Brazil
DM9-3010494-6/1/1 25-Jul-2003 76EJB 3003478608 Dabi Atlante Sa Inds. Brazil
F11-6206628-8/1/1 16-Jul-2003 76ELM 3004025636 Juan Luis Ramos Mexico
DM9-3010494-6/3/1 25-Jul-2003 76KLC 3003478608 Dabi Atlante Sa Inds. Brazil
112-0894046-0/1/1 08-Jul-2003 76LYB 3004057576 MM Optics LTDA Brazil
315-8130089-9/2/1 16-Jul-2003 76MMU 3004033810 Suprodent Honduras