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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for 86-Ophthalmic

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
286-0657764-2/1/1 16-Jul-2003 86HJB 3002680900 Tomey Corporation Japan
112-9028516-1/2/1 11-Jul-2003 86HMC 3003257551 Wesley Jessen Pbh Ltd United Kingdom
F11-2008034-8/1/1 01-Jul-2003 86HQD 3004002528 Ng Yu China Hong Kong SAR
112-0231574-3/1/1 01-Jul-2003 86HQD 3003951290 Atp Private Equity Denmark
112-0194330-5/1/1 01-Jul-2003 86HQD 3003943458 Franpostal Ltda Colombia
310-9104446-6/1/1 15-Jul-2003 86HQD 3003351346 Cibavision Canada
310-9104268-4/1/1 18-Jul-2003 86HQD 3001745094 Optik Canada
880-0038812-9/9/1/B 14-Jul-2003 86HQY 3002809011 Golden Hands Manufacturing Corp. Philippines
554-1878911-5/4/1 16-Jul-2003 86HQY 3004039730 Magnon Lunetterie France
KX2-0008814-7/1/1 21-Jul-2003 86HQY 3003736419 New Century Imp Exp Co Ltd China
R12-0025898-5/1/1 25-Jul-2003 86HQY 3001654059 Luxottica SRL Italy
R12-0026230-0/1/1 25-Jul-2003 86HQY 3001194879 Safilo Far East Ltd. Hong Kong SAR
R12-0026230-0/2/1 25-Jul-2003 86HQY 3001194879 Safilo Far East Ltd. Hong Kong SAR
T40-0762263-1/2/1 11-Jul-2003 86HQZ 3003564336 Wenzhou Textiles Foreign Trade Corporation, China China
310-9104986-1/1/1 15-Jul-2003 86LPL 3004067710 Kheo Phi Diep Canada
F11-6216096-6/1/1 15-Jul-2003 86LPM 3004050761 Aboites, Mercedes Mexico
669-1741900-5/18/1 10-Jul-2003 86LPN 3003499396 Linstead Food Fair Jamaica
481-0131422-6/1/2 14-Jul-2003 86LQB 1000175127 Topcon Corporation Japan
413-1141791-3/1/1 10-Jul-2003 86LZS 3002382575 Bausch & Lomb Surgical Technolas Germany
112-0918198-1/1/1 27-Jul-2003 86MWL 3004058534 Arabian European B United Arab Emirates