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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for Hong Kong SAR

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
AS4-0006104-5/3/1 03-Oct-2004 52AG05 1000270673 Guangdong Ceramics Co., Ltd
DP4-0274777-9/11/1 05-Oct-2004 66VBR99 3001084802 Yau Luk Hong
XXX-0093387-0/1/1 05-Oct-2004 64XDL99 3002929169 Supreme Beauty International Co Ltd
AT2-0010276-5/1/1 09-Oct-2004 97Y35 3004604379 Win Concord Enterprises Ltd
AT2-0010276-5/2/1 09-Oct-2004 94V07 3004604379 Win Concord Enterprises Ltd
D33-9004479-0/1/1 18-Oct-2004 37BCP27 3004265893 Koon Chun Hing Kee Soy & Sauce Factory Ltd
582-0595284-0/12/1 19-Oct-2004 95L22 3004771426 WINSON DEVELOPMENT COMPANY
823-0104951-4/1/1/A 19-Oct-2004 95U19 3003806244 Teenlun Beauty & Health Equip
147-2004965-0/1/1 20-Oct-2004 94V07 3003909439 Advance Products Llc
J34-0039815-5/10/1 20-Oct-2004 37JCT17 1000268187 Danfast Ltd.
QI3-0059451-5/5/1 21-Oct-2004 95L31 3004518526 Jwin International (Hk) Co Ltd
110-4733108-7/2/1 21-Oct-2004 95L31 3004010106 Artech Electronics, Ltd
110-4733108-7/1/1 21-Oct-2004 95L32 3004010106 Artech Electronics, Ltd
T94-0037072-0/1/1 22-Oct-2004 95L31 3004187777 Denca Industrial Limited
548-0116462-2/1/1 25-Oct-2004 86HQZ 3909 Elegance Optical Manufactory, Ltd.
548-0116462-2/2/1 25-Oct-2004 86HQZ 3003980846 Skyey Optical Mfy
548-0116462-2/3/1 25-Oct-2004 86HQZ 3004482375 Genuine International Optical Limit
548-0116462-2/5/1 25-Oct-2004 86HQZ 3001028071 New Optics Manufacturing
T94-0037273-4/1/1 26-Oct-2004 95L31 3000174018 Ngai Lik Electronics Co Ltd.
T94-0037273-4/2/1 26-Oct-2004 95L32 3000174018 Ngai Lik Electronics Co Ltd.
XXX-0095024-7/1/1 26-Oct-2004 16YFH08 3002023480 Southern Glory Trading Ltd
T76-0134808-1/1/1 26-Oct-2004 16YGH07 3001149653 On Kee Dry Seafood Co. Ltd.
T76-0134808-1/2/1 26-Oct-2004 16YGH08 3001149653 On Kee Dry Seafood Co. Ltd.
T76-0134808-1/3/1 26-Oct-2004 29ACE99 3001149653 On Kee Dry Seafood Co. Ltd.