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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for 52-Miscellaneous Food Related Items

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
AS4-0006104-5/3/1 03-Oct-2004 52AG05 1000270673 Guangdong Ceramics Co., Ltd Hong Kong SAR
R12-0029424-6/1/1 20-Oct-2004 52AI50 3003590187 M.Block House United States
KE3-0013019-9/1/4 20-Oct-2004 52AID31 3002960729 Universal Ark Enterprises India
551-3458059-1/1/1 21-Oct-2004 52AID32 1000142530 Sainik Enterprises India
ARE-4061701-6/4/1 20-Oct-2004 52AID99 3004173462 Style Export India
112-4320210-8/1/1 27-Oct-2004 52AIE24 1000146617 Uriarte Talavera (aka Fabrica de Loza Blanca Azulejo...) Mexico
534-1041867-6/9/1/B 19-Oct-2004 52AIE27 3004732812 ZAC DES PRADEAUX France
310-9056340-9/3/1/B 05-Oct-2004 52AIE28 1000576766 Zouping Fengping Ceramics Co Ltd China
310-9056340-9/3/1/D 05-Oct-2004 52AIE28 1000576766 Zouping Fengping Ceramics Co Ltd China
534-1041867-6/9/2 19-Oct-2004 52AIE28 3001550715 Bagno S.A. France
231-2805367-8/4/1 20-Oct-2004 52AJE99 3004490797 Talavera Armando Mexico
AFR-0214630-3/6/1 19-Oct-2004 52EK04 3003832455 Shanghai Weijun Int'L Trading Inc China