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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for 60-Human and Animal Drugs

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
112-4343322-4/1/5 29-Oct-2004 60BAL01 3004707060 Dhu Germany
T77-0938162-0/2/1 04-Oct-2004 60CAS22 3002807400 BASF PharmaChemikalien Gmbh & Co. KG Germany
EB5-0028523-5/5/1 08-Oct-2004 60DAS99 3009918183 Changzhou Dahua Imp. & Exp. (Group) Corp., Ltd. China
112-3791477-5/3/1 13-Oct-2004 60LAB05 1000556091 Bayer Mexico S.A. de C.V. Mexico
310-8420900-1/1/1 14-Oct-2004 60LBB50 3004723310 Hua, Zhi Canada
AEK-6994886-3/3/1 07-Oct-2004 60LCA05 3004471682 Halliburton Co Egypt
112-4346451-8/1/1 28-Oct-2004 60LCP99 3004707379 Ek Bitucirui Panama
XXX-0094919-9/1/1 23-Oct-2004 60LCY05 3004748478 Sheri Monk Canada
310-8421519-8/2/1 08-Oct-2004 60MDF15 3004731774 Carol Ricard Canada
112-4264791-5/1/1/A 18-Oct-2004 60QBO62 3004648600 Kla Beauty Target France
112-4165898-8/2/4 14-Oct-2004 60QCB67 3004637459 Care Well Medical & General Stor India
336-2562032-6/1/1 19-Oct-2004 60QLK84 3002631703 Fresenius Kabi AB Sweden
AEK-6958396-7/1/1 20-Oct-2004 60QQK03 3004455901 Swiss Exports India
AEK-6996924-0/2/1 20-Oct-2004 60SAA14 3004742282 Dural Cody Kirtasiye Ltd Turkey
112-4343322-4/2/1 29-Oct-2004 60SAB99 3004707062 Pfluger Germany
110-1091329-1/42/1 07-Oct-2004 60SAR99 3004632813 Tecnoquimicas Sa Colombia
056-2347343-5/1/1 13-Oct-2004 60SBA99 3004294797 Scora S.A. France
300-3599221-0/17/1 03-Oct-2004 60SBL09 3004348364 P. J. Exports India
AEK-6994916-8/3/1 07-Oct-2004 60SCA99 3004729215 K C Ghosh India
T94-0034093-9/2/1 18-Oct-2004 60SCS25 3003699941 Cipla Ltd India
231-2862854-4/2/1 19-Oct-2004 60WLS99 3003950962 Key Organics United Kingdom
AEK-6440930-9/1/1 08-Oct-2004 60WMA22 3002603466 Vetafarm Pty Ltd Australia
AEK-6440930-9/1/2 08-Oct-2004 60WMA22 3002603466 Vetafarm Pty Ltd Australia
AEK-6440930-9/1/3 08-Oct-2004 60WMA22 3002603466 Vetafarm Pty Ltd Australia
112-4165898-8/1/1 14-Oct-2004 60XDA04 3004637459 Care Well Medical & General Stor India