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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for Ireland

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
693-0491815-9/2/1 04-Feb-2004 24EEE51 3001803575 Musgrave Distribution Limited
693-0491815-9/3/1 04-Feb-2004 24EEE02 3001803575 Musgrave Distribution Limited
EG6-7389020-8/2/1 10-Feb-2004 34FMT02 3003588431 Nestle Ireland Limited
EG6-7389020-8/5/1 10-Feb-2004 24AEE05 3002683312 Batchelors Ltd
EG6-7389020-8/7/1 10-Feb-2004 24AEE51 3002683312 Batchelors Ltd
112-2125134-1/1/1 17-Feb-2004 16SVP32 1000587491 Wrights Of Howth
AEK-6954444-9/1/1 27-Feb-2004 61UDA05 3004435042 Ger Breen
AEK-6954444-9/2/1 27-Feb-2004 60XCK99 3004435042 Ger Breen
AEK-6954444-9/2/2 27-Feb-2004 64BCA48 3004435042 Ger Breen
AEK-6954444-9/2/3 27-Feb-2004 62OCB14 3004435042 Ger Breen
AEK-6954444-9/3/1 27-Feb-2004 65VCA99 3004435042 Ger Breen
AEK-6954444-9/4/1 27-Feb-2004 62KCA10 3004435042 Ger Breen