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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for 20-Fruit/Fruit Prod

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
267-4389748-5/12/1 27-Feb-2004 20ACE08 3001812048 A-Grosik Przetworstwo Spozywcze I Handel Poland
J81-2045307-3/1/1 26-Feb-2004 20AGD01 3004148461 Bh Organic D.O.O. Sarajevo Bosnia-Hercegovina
T86-0028944-1/9/1 04-Feb-2004 20AGT10 3001112067 Ningbo Kangu Int. Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. China
U83-0520221-9/3/1 06-Feb-2004 20AHC05 3003466522 Exportadora E Inversiones Agroberries Limitada Chile
322-7347006-5/1/2/B 18-Feb-2004 20BFT10 3002468363 Del Monte Fresh Produce (Chile) S.A. Chile
062-2100165-1/2/1 17-Feb-2004 20BGH14 3004280736 Qingdao Xinmeixiang Foods Co., Ltd. China
112-2496660-6/5/1 25-Feb-2004 20CCT14 3004425671 Pietro Romanengo Fu Stefano Italy
208-0179857-8/1/42 12-Feb-2004 20DCT13 3002521239 Ceylon Cold Stores Ltd Sri Lanka
286-0718076-8/2/1 18-Feb-2004 20DET13 3004308634 SVZ Poland Spolka, z. o. o. Poland
D52-0903538-0/6/1 20-Feb-2004 20JCT06 3001109696 Tai Yuan Foods Co., Ltd China
112-2496660-6/6/2 25-Feb-2004 20JCT06 3004425671 Pietro Romanengo Fu Stefano Italy
208-0179857-8/1/43 12-Feb-2004 20KCE06 3002521239 Ceylon Cold Stores Ltd Sri Lanka
349-0856907-1/2/1 19-Feb-2004 20KGT99 1000256524 F.A.I.T. Corporation Ltd. Thailand
112-2496660-6/6/3 25-Feb-2004 20RCT01 3004425671 Pietro Romanengo Fu Stefano Italy