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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for 20-Fruit/Fruit Prod

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
ANA-0004147-2/17/1 29-Mar-2004 20ACI09 3003564189 Green Giant Ltd., Part Thailand
231-0526952-9/81/2 24-Mar-2004 20ACT14 3002773307 Green Market (Qingdao) Food Products Co Ltd China
231-0526952-9/38/2 24-Mar-2004 20ACY14 3002773307 Green Market (Qingdao) Food Products Co Ltd China
267-4215653-7/21/1 12-Mar-2004 20AEE14 3004250892 SONACO S.A.R.L. Lebanon
408-1030740-1/6/1 24-Mar-2004 20AET04 3002809317 Borde SA France
408-1030740-1/6/2 24-Mar-2004 20AET05 3002809317 Borde SA France
408-1030740-1/4/1 24-Mar-2004 20AET14 3002809317 Borde SA France
113-2577213-2/1/1/A 04-Mar-2004 20AFC09 3003109860 Agricom Ltda. Chile
112-9686910-9/2/1 11-Mar-2004 20AFH99 3004192412 Shirazaras Co. Iran
551-4021486-2/1/1 24-Mar-2004 20AGD14 3004308757 AGROEMPAQUES S.A Peru
FN5-0106435-9/1/1 19-Mar-2004 20BFB99 3004319653 Sinotrans Ningxia Company China
322-1820808-3/1/1/B 04-Mar-2004 20BFD10 3002468363 Del Monte Fresh Produce (Chile) S.A. Chile
506-0723774-5/1/1 01-Mar-2004 20BFH14 3004114585 CHAUCER FOODS France
322-7347306-9/1/1/B 01-Mar-2004 20BFT10 3002468363 Del Monte Fresh Produce (Chile) S.A. Chile
906-0100439-4/1/1 11-Mar-2004 20BGH14 3003812383 Qindgao Jifa Imp. & Exp. Co Ltd China
427-2166870-7/1/8 31-Mar-2004 20BGT14 1000452725 Chin Huay Co., Ltd. Thailand
880-0041356-2/3/1 02-Mar-2004 20CCT14 3004127145 Shaoan Ling Da Foods Co Ltd China
NM2-1036585-1/19/4 11-Mar-2004 20CFT13 3004804567 Nestle Uk Ltd United Kingdom
113-2617931-1/1/1 25-Mar-2004 20GFC06 3003518804 Sedigep Ltd. Cyprus
N02-0104224-4/10/1 19-Mar-2004 20HGH04 3004198869 Baishun Foodstuffs Factory China
906-0252494-5/1/1 19-Mar-2004 20QFY03 3003045572 Montecoman S.A. Argentina
551-2818188-5/1/1 24-Mar-2004 20SEO01 3003750554 Elgin Fruits Juice Ltd South Africa