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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for Saudi Arabia

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
AEK-6961648-6/3/1 01-Apr-2004 60LAA01 3004473083 Abdullah Masood
AEK-6961648-6/3/2 01-Apr-2004 60MOA06 3004473083 Abdullah Masood
AEK-6961648-6/4/1 01-Apr-2004 65VAL02 3004473083 Abdullah Masood
AEK-6961648-6/5/1 01-Apr-2004 62UAL99 3004473083 Abdullah Masood
AEK-6961648-6/6/1 01-Apr-2004 62PAA06 3004473083 Abdullah Masood
AEK-6963120-4/1/1 01-Apr-2004 63ACA02 3004482776 Nazr Osman
AEK-6963120-4/2/1 01-Apr-2004 61PCA26 3004482776 Nazr Osman
AEK-6963120-4/3/1 01-Apr-2004 88LDT 3004482776 Nazr Osman
XXX-0081252-0/1/1 07-Apr-2004 53FH02 3004496909 Roqtva Osman Ahmed
XXX-0081252-0/1/3/B 07-Apr-2004 62GAJ99 3002624237 Glaxo Saudi Arabia Ltd.
XXX-0081252-0/1/3/A 07-Apr-2004 61WCJ99 3002624237 Glaxo Saudi Arabia Ltd.
U47-0426258-1/1/1/M 14-Apr-2004 64LCJ67 3004144629 GLAX0 Saudi Arabia Ltd.
112-2549079-6/1/1/A 20-Apr-2004 54EYY99 3004112570 Al Sheikh Jeweller