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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for Haiti

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
M85-0038424-2/8/1/A 04-May-2004 28CHT03 3004112743 Labcoval
M85-0038424-2/8/1/C 04-May-2004 28CHT51 3004112743 Labcoval
M85-0038424-2/8/1/D 04-May-2004 28CHT51 3004112743 Labcoval
M85-0038424-2/9/1/B 04-May-2004 61XPL14 3003519052 Mathieu Gisele
M85-0038424-2/9/1/C 04-May-2004 53JD03 3003519052 Mathieu Gisele
M85-0038424-2/13/1/A 04-May-2004 62CDL41 3003519052 Mathieu Gisele
M85-0038424-2/13/1/B 04-May-2004 62CDL41 3004112743 Labcoval
M85-0038424-2/13/1/C 04-May-2004 62CDL41 3004112743 Labcoval
M85-0038442-4/3/1 04-May-2004 61XPL14 3004140901 Caribbean Canadian Chemical Company SA
M85-0038442-4/7/1 04-May-2004 62CDL41 3004112743 Labcoval
519-2018657-7/1/1 17-May-2004 16JGD06 3003232417 Tropical Seafood
EO2-0240351-7/7/1 21-May-2004 53IG01 3004217922 Jean R. Lamarque/Julien Semaitre
BCN-2000119-1/1/1 25-May-2004 53ED07 3004374605 Osce Shiller
BCN-2000119-1/2/1 25-May-2004 53JD03 3004374605 Osce Shiller
BCN-2000119-1/3/1 25-May-2004 53JD03 3004374605 Osce Shiller
BCN-2000119-1/4/1 25-May-2004 53JD03 3004374605 Osce Shiller
BCN-2000119-1/7/1 25-May-2004 53LG99 3004374605 Osce Shiller
BCN-2000119-1/8/1 25-May-2004 53DD01 3004374605 Osce Shiller
BCN-2000119-1/11/1 25-May-2004 53EG03 3004374605 Osce Shiller