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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for Thailand

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
AEK-6355736-3/1/1 03-May-2004 86LPL 3002253086 Riceland International Ltd
389-0033185-1/1/1 03-May-2004 16AVT45 3003527417 Maruma Group Bangkok Col. Ltd.
551-4023599-0/1/1 05-May-2004 96M01 3003895269 Acme
N16-1016758-0/24/1 06-May-2004 16AGT99 3009892974 Thai World Import&Export Co., Ltd
K80-0891063-1/1/1 07-May-2004 29AFE99 3004437389 Tci Foods Co Ltd
WLA-0001198-8/5/2 10-May-2004 95L32 1000552895 Sony Thailand Corp
WDA-0015846-4/3/1 11-May-2004 21TGT05 3003994456 Mavinee Agriculture
WDA-0015846-4/18/2 11-May-2004 24TCT03 3001048979 Green Giant Co Ltd
WDA-0015846-4/18/3 11-May-2004 24TGE03 3003564189 Green Giant Ltd., Part
WDA-0015846-4/18/1 11-May-2004 24TCT03 3001048979 Green Giant Co Ltd
WDA-0015846-4/18/4 11-May-2004 24TGE03 3001048979 Green Giant Co Ltd
WDA-0015846-4/8/1 11-May-2004 04YGT04 1000179785 Thai President Foods Public Co., Ltd.
WDA-0015846-4/1/1 11-May-2004 04YGT04 3003492496 Aung Song Huad Factory
D52-0903911-9/1/1 12-May-2004 37BET99 3004332668 T.C.I. Foods Co., Ltd.
417-0207931-4/1/1 14-May-2004 30YHT99 1000304166 T.C. Pharmaceutical Industries Co Ltd
190-5086897-5/12/1/A 14-May-2004 28AHH33 3004248958 A S World Trading Ltd., Part
928-0034785-5/1/1 18-May-2004 21TGN05 3004268188 Vanda Preserved Food Co.,Ltd.
AEK-6366253-6/1/1 19-May-2004 61FCA54 3004525912 Mor Express Co Ltd
277-0104456-5/2/1 19-May-2004 29ACE99 3004304578 Carabao Tawandang Co., Ltd.
WDA-0015478-6/32/1 21-May-2004 16YEE99 1000452725 Chin Huay Co., Ltd.
WDA-0015478-6/33/1 21-May-2004 16VGE03 1000452725 Chin Huay Co., Ltd.
WDA-0015478-6/31/1 21-May-2004 30YCE99 3003192239 Champaca Marketing Co, Ltd.
112-3444994-0/1/1 24-May-2004 76ELL 3004868097 Excel Dental Lab Co.,Ltd.
U31-3510434-7/68/1 24-May-2004 94V07 3001611984 Korat Denki Ltd
ANR-3001191-9/1/1 27-May-2004 21XGY14 3009842346 Global Impex Co., Ltd.
AEK-6369450-5/1/1 28-May-2004 71DYY03 3003948836 Inve Thailand Ltd
906-0707797-2/7/1 28-May-2004 16CGT99 3004418188 P.F.P. Trading Co Ltd