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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for Guatemala

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
F23-0919745-7/2/1 11-Aug-2004 24FYB06 3004284987 Bellcas Exportando, S.A.
DM4-0123291-1/1/1 13-Aug-2004 24AFC51 3004073360 Corporacion Maracu, S.A.
392-0087122-4/6/1 17-Aug-2004 24AGC51 3004335469 Marbran Guatemala
392-0087127-3/9/1 17-Aug-2004 24AGD51 3004335469 Marbran Guatemala
392-0087504-3/11/1 17-Aug-2004 24AGC51 3004335469 Marbran Guatemala
392-0087537-3/4/1 17-Aug-2004 24AGC51 3004335469 Marbran Guatemala
ALL-0020520-3/2/1 19-Aug-2004 24AFB14 3003225748 Agricola Tierra Nueva S.A.
H67-1228313-3/1/1 22-Aug-2004 24AFC14 1000251506 Co. Corayma
H67-1229815-6/1/1 22-Aug-2004 24AFC14 1000251506 Co. Corayma
371-1135804-2/9/1 23-Aug-2004 07AFE02 3003998971 Professional Cargo Service
F23-0923728-7/2/1 24-Aug-2004 24AYC99 3003915566 Distribuidora Arcapi, S.A. (CAPISA)
ALL-0020572-4/2/1 25-Aug-2004 24THB36 1000507887 Det Pon Import Export aka Pierre Eugenio Det Casprowitz
F23-0923790-7/2/1 25-Aug-2004 24FYC06 3004284987 Bellcas Exportando, S.A.
DM4-0124713-3/1/1 26-Aug-2004 24AFC51 3004456492 Verdufrut
DM4-0124949-3/1/1 27-Aug-2004 24AFC51 3004456492 Verdufrut
NS1-0000955-5/1/1 27-Aug-2004 54ACA01 3004646470 Servicios Multiples Ldc
NS1-0000955-5/1/2 27-Aug-2004 54ABA99 3004646470 Servicios Multiples Ldc
NS1-0000955-5/1/3 27-Aug-2004 60LBA99 3004646470 Servicios Multiples Ldc