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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for Pakistan

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
U83-0519631-2/1/2 04-Aug-2004 76JEX 3001075205 A.N.A. Amity Impex
U83-0519631-2/1/3 04-Aug-2004 78FHQ 3001075205 A.N.A. Amity Impex
U83-0519631-2/1/4 04-Aug-2004 76EIR 3001075205 A.N.A. Amity Impex
U83-0519631-2/1/5 04-Aug-2004 76EKJ 3001075205 A.N.A. Amity Impex
U83-0519631-2/1/6 04-Aug-2004 76EKH 3001075205 A.N.A. Amity Impex
U83-0519631-2/1/7 04-Aug-2004 76EJB 3001075205 A.N.A. Amity Impex
U83-0519631-2/1/8 04-Aug-2004 76EKR 3001075205 A.N.A. Amity Impex
U83-0519631-2/1/9 04-Aug-2004 80KZH 3001075205 A.N.A. Amity Impex
W04-0237793-5/1/1 05-Aug-2004 79GEN 3004509896 Experience Surgical Company
W04-0237793-5/2/1 05-Aug-2004 79LRW 3004509896 Experience Surgical Company
W04-0237793-5/3/1 05-Aug-2004 79GEN 3004509896 Experience Surgical Company
605-6011456-7/1/1 05-Aug-2004 80FME 1000397519 R.I. Weaving
113-2534248-0/3/1 06-Aug-2004 21HGT01 3000163492 M.Manzoor & Chopakistan Pvt Ltd.
AEK-6984673-7/1/1 10-Aug-2004 62VDA99 3004616498 Dr Hafiza Begum
AEK-6984673-7/2/2 10-Aug-2004 65QDR99 3004616498 Dr Hafiza Begum
AEK-6984673-7/2/1 10-Aug-2004 65QDA44 3004616498 Dr Hafiza Begum
W04-0237760-4/1/1 16-Aug-2004 79GEN 3003330499 Javaria International
689-0018864-7/1/2 18-Aug-2004 79GAF 3004039662 Z Dentamen Instrum
AEK-6976753-7/1/1 19-Aug-2004 60LDP47 3004566596 Kahwar Majeed Butt
AEK-6979111-5/1/1 19-Aug-2004 60LCP47 3004581278 Khawar Majeed Butt
KM6-0018742-1/2/1 19-Aug-2004 20BGT10 3009789665 GREEN INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS
AEK-6990518-6/1/1 30-Aug-2004 66MCA03 3004648519 Alshifa Clinical & Maternity Home
BGK-0020080-9/34/1 31-Aug-2004 28BGT16 3004294606 ITN Pakistan Export Enterprises