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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Import Refusal Report

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Refusal Actions by FDA as Recorded in OASIS

for 61-Human and Animal Drugs

Entry/doc/line/sfx Refusal Date Product
112-3824748-0/1/1 23-Aug-2004 61BDC02 3000955768 Schering Plough Sa Exp Colombia
112-3781648-3/1/5 27-Aug-2004 61ECA09 3004588966 Merck Frost Canada Canada
AEK-6981654-0/1/1 06-Aug-2004 61ECQ99 3001003262 Hicham El Sabeh Lebanon
AEK-6984492-2/1/4 14-Aug-2004 61EDB99 3004615410 Neena D Mehta India
112-3889100-6/1/1/A 30-Aug-2004 61FCB54 3004602269 Niger Delta Basin Dev Auth Nigeria
AEK-6985097-8/1/1 10-Aug-2004 61FCB61 3004619349 Divya Darshan Centre India
310-8392475-8/1/1 14-Aug-2004 61FDB55 3004622241 Guylaine Landry Canada
077-0400168-9/17/1 09-Aug-2004 61HBL99 3003680049 Marcon Avista Poland
112-3975027-6/1/1 31-Aug-2004 61HDQ05 3000384282 Laboratorios Cheminova Internacional S.A. Spain
KH5-0012227-1/5/1 17-Aug-2004 61HDS22 3002806711 Cadila Pharmaceuticals Limited India
906-0051401-3/1/1 05-Aug-2004 61HDY29 3003605341 Granules India Private Ltd India
112-3984697-5/1/3 31-Aug-2004 61JCA13 3004006574 Servientrega Colombia
AEK-7429683-7/1/1/A 19-Aug-2004 61JCB08 3002797768 Pharmacy Express New Zealand
AEK-7429380-0/1/1 24-Aug-2004 61JCB08 3004578482 Pharmacy Express New Zealand
582-9942472-1/1/4 05-Aug-2004 61JCY08 3004620451 Ron Hamilton Canada
112-4169934-7/1/1 30-Aug-2004 61JDB08 3001203985 Pfizer Canada Inc. - Kirkland, QC Administrative Site Canada
112-3903991-0/1/1 24-Aug-2004 61KAP05 3004604343 Basta Hanna Egypt
112-3894844-2/1/1 24-Aug-2004 61LDA38 3004602877 Sanoti -Synthe Labo De Mexico Mexico
112-3785323-9/1/1 24-Aug-2004 61LDP38 1000574114 Labar Chile
112-4028256-6/1/1 23-Aug-2004 61MCY99 3002906944 Apotex Inc. Canada
AEK-6990058-3/3/1 31-Aug-2004 61NCA29 3004646078 Postnet Westgate South Africa
XXX-0072450-1/1/1 05-Aug-2004 61NCA78 3004162013 TDS Pharma Pvt Ltd India
112-3781648-3/1/3 27-Aug-2004 61NCA78 3004075481 Ratiopharm Canada
112-3946849-9/1/1 02-Aug-2004 61NCR99 3004611661 Taizhou Dongdong Pharmachem Co. LTD China
AEK-6987884-7/1/1 25-Aug-2004 61PAF99 3004635262 Dr Indu D Ved India
112-4060734-1/1/1 30-Aug-2004 61PCA15 3004623860 Landron Juan Dominican Republic
201-3045312-7/1/1 17-Aug-2004 61PCB55 1000194719 Ranbaxy Laboratories Limited India
AEK-6985097-8/4/1 10-Aug-2004 61QCB05 3004619349 Divya Darshan Centre India
AEK-6988149-4/1/1 26-Aug-2004 61TCA11 3004637656 Royal Commission Saudi Arabia
582-8027005-9/1/1 26-Aug-2004 61TCA99 3002408898 Hoffman-Laroche Limited Canada
582-8027924-1/1/1 26-Aug-2004 61TCA99 3000041245 Jean Coutu Canada
582-8027893-8/1/1 26-Aug-2004 61TCA99 3004532619 Jean Coutu Canada
112-3746454-0/1/1 29-Aug-2004 61VCA99 3001734589 Murray Shore Pharmacy Canada
112-3693561-5/1/1 29-Aug-2004 61VCA99 3002807756 Teva Canada Limited Canada
AEK-6986116-5/2/1 18-Aug-2004 61VCR99 3004624714 Ct Chamu Nokama South Africa
AEK-6979461-4/1/1 12-Aug-2004 61VOF99 3004583691 Dr. Rajendra Prasad Centre For Opth India
AEK-6984118-3/1/1 10-Aug-2004 61WCA11 3004612737 Mohamed A Al Rumiah Saudi Arabia
AQ1-3002000-3/2/1 05-Aug-2004 61WCJ04 3004532996 Fatim Niang Ivory Coast
AEK-6985097-8/4/2 10-Aug-2004 61WCL47 3004619349 Divya Darshan Centre India
ALS-0048096-3/5/1 19-Aug-2004 61XAB08 1000323793 Shenton Pharmacy Pte.Ltd. Singapore
ALS-0048169-8/1/1 19-Aug-2004 61XAB08 1000323793 Shenton Pharmacy Pte.Ltd. Singapore
AEK-6985097-8/3/1 10-Aug-2004 61XCB45 3004619349 Divya Darshan Centre India
582-0232220-3/1/1 26-Aug-2004 61XDY99 3004699301 Rsm Canada Canada